Tuesday, October 2, 2012

a fall wreath

i've been wanting to make one of the Pinterest saturated "address number" wreaths for a while.  I know.. everyone has one .. or one with a big Initial for their last name on it.  but i love both looks and really, no two are alike when it comes to DIY creations.  so... here we go with the address numbers!

i had an old grape vine wreath that needed new decorations
Grape vine wreaths are soooo EASY.. just shove the stems where you want them and they stay nice and tight
trim some extra accents to add with the flowers.
I don't know what these little Styrofoam picks are really called.. but they came in all different colors and add a great contrast to the flowers.  These I got at Hobby Lobby and I especially like them because the stem they are attached to is very twiggy.  I cut some of the curling twigs off of it as well and stuck them in there for more dimension.They are hard to see in the picture below, but they are there off the top and bottom.

First new wreath for my New home
So this is very fall.. and i love it!  oh wait!!  the address :)   I spray painted some wooded numbers a brushed silver.  I like.. but i didn't really want to permanently put the numbers on.  I know me and I like to change and move things around when it comes to decorating so I have a feeling those numbers will need to come off and make and appearance somewhere else.  I can also see this wreath back.. and who needs address numbers if you are already enjoying a glass of wine on the lanai! (sort of a perfect image right?)

I figured i would wrap fine wire around the numbers to attach them to the wreath... thinking it wouldn't show b/c the numbers are painted silver.  I was wrong.  Didn't like it at all because the wire was pretty obvious. "Well.. I guess I will just hot glue them"  i told my husband.  ............ from a room away i hear... "Why don't you just use fishing wire mom? You won't be able to see it!"  .... 2 things here.
     1. I hate it when my 8 year old is smarter than me.
     2. My 8 year old (though creative and resourceful) has really really good hearing!

Well, thank you my dear Garrett... the fishing wire worked and the numbers are on... with intent to come off when i cut them off :)
this is linked to the nesting place... where she is hosting a "31 days of" one topic party this month!

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