Friday, October 11, 2013

Boosterthon Fun

The kids participated in their 2nd Boosterthon Fun Run about two weeks ago.  Personally, I think this is a superb fundraiser for schools.  There is no catalogs, no guilting family and friends into buying tons of over priced wrapping paper, no tubs of cookie dough that you end up eating right before the expiration date.  It IS however, FUN for the kids!!  and it IS healthy for the kids, totally focusing on exercise, character, and healthy choices!!  My kids really enjoyed the week leading up to the run where Boosterthon People (aka Really energetic and enthusiastic young people) come into the school everyday and Pump up the kids, talk to them about good and healthy choices, being a good friend, and earning pledges for their school... oh and pass out the coveted prizes.  ** the prize Addie and G wanted so badly was the invisible pen** of course!!! Luckily, they both raised enough to get that :)

They did a great job.. running their laps!  Addison was determined to not get trampled on this year like she did out of the starting gate last year.  I'm proud to say she did this .. with a smile on her face!

ready to run!.. she wore her "running shorts"


Addie's Class

G and the Gals

Run Addie Run!

We did it!

how many laps have you done?

we rule the 3rd grade...

Boosterthon.. check!
Got those laps in! Had fun with friends!