Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Mesh Wreath

Today Is: Day 23 of Pass IT On!

I am so excited about how this Halloween wreath turned out!!!  I am so glad I already have a Halloween "Creepy Wreath" on the front door, because I want to look at this one!

the color is so terrible in this picture.. it's really so bright and sparkly!

I keep seeing Mesh decor on Pinterest... LOVE it!  This is my first attempt at using it, and truthfully I thought it would be a little easier to work with.  I thought it would be more like working with wired ribbon, but there is definitely no wire in this.. thus no "stay put" factor.  So the biggest trick is to master (?) attaching the mesh to the wire frame.  ***It got much easier as I worked.

A few supplies:  A wire wreath formCraft wire to attach. Mesh of your choice.  I chose three colors and looped each color around the wreath form one time, but you could get the same effect with a single color too just by looping it around a few times.  (oh, I got the Mesh at Hobby Lobby.. they have a lot of colors and run specials on it often.  I need to head there for Christmas colors....)

*Start with your first color and attach it to the wreath form using the wire (just scrunch it up and wrap the wire and twist it to tighten.)  Then start making loops around the wreath, attaching with the wire.  I found it worked best to alternate the bar that i used.  I started on the inside, and worked up and then back down so spread the purple through out.

 *Remember, the smaller your loops.. the longer it will take :) 
loop and attach
 *Then repeat using the 2nd color (or make second trip around wreath with the same color).  Try to work it in between the first color.  The good thing about the wire is you can pin it down where ever you want!

loop example

wire example

*Working the 3rd color in really helped to achieve the fullness I wanted.

 *I added a cute little ghost.. make sure it it light weight if you are going to attach it to the mesh, otherwise you would need to attach it with wire.  Then i tied a purple ribbon to the wreath form and added the BOO letters to hang.  I just love it!

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