Monday, March 17, 2014

Easter Wreath

Wow Easter is late this year! I feel like we need it for Spring to officially start!  
But I am ready with this cute wreath ;)  
Super Easy.. here ya go!!

Wreath form, Burlap, Eggs, Easter grass, Ribbon to hang and a glue gun! 
I chose this thicker, more boxy type.  I thought it might be better for placing the eggs... but I am sure you can use a rounder wreath form as well.
The burlap I had was cut into strips from a previous use... so I just took each strip and started wrapping.   I didn't wrap it tight so it would look full.  As I wrapped I just turned the burlap a little so it would give it different dimensions.   I hot glued (on low temp) the ends to the wreath form.
I added some Easter grass, hot gluing it on.

Side note... Does anyone else notice that you find Pine needles till Easter and Easter grass till.. 
oh say Halloween!?  geesh.  ok... rant over.

This little doll dressed in her matching dress to take a pic.. how could I not include!? 

I finished it off with a loop of a ribbon to hang :)  
Here is a picture of some of my dearest Navy wife friends in our squadron.  I love these ladies!!!  They have helped me oh so much through this first half of deployment... Laughs, Babysitting, Hanging Out, Wine Nights, An Encouraging Word, Late Night Texts and Drying Some Tears.  Deployment is only possible for me through Faith that Jesus holds me and Friends like this... and not to forget my awesome family and civilian friends too!!!

We made burlap wreaths back in the Fall and said we were going to do it again this Spring... it seemed so far away then... and Here. We. Are!!!!
Also love the uniqueness to them .. the wreaths and the friends!
Wreath Making Night.. SPRING 2014!

Friday, March 7, 2014

G is for ... Caring

G was voted to be the representative for his class for the Character quality of CARING.  Personally, I think this fits him perfectly.. he is such a caring kid.  I'm not sure where he gets it!! ;)

This is what his class and teacher said about him on the award:
     "Caring may be the most important trait a person can possess.  It is something you can show and feel everywhere.Everyone has this trait, but not everyone shows it. Garrett is such a caring person who shows it on a daily basis.  Throughout school, when adults are around or not, he demonstrates a caring attitude towards fellow students, adults, teachers, and objects that belong to everyone.  Garrett has a kind heart and makes all around him proud to call him a friend."

A mom's heart has to be happy hearing those things about her son.  And mine was!

so proud of him!

Principal, Mr. Strickland

Love how there was a good mixture of Boys and Girls!!

Caring as I See It...
One thing that I hold on to now is Garrett's caring attitude towards me in particular.  He is always there to give me hugs and kisses.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming or too much and I feel like he's hanging on me.. there's times where I need space.  But I have to remind myself that at any time he may not want to hug me in the presence of his friends. He still calls me "mommy", though it's less often.  He frequently does special things for me or helps with out being asked, especially with daddy gone right now.  It is easy to get used to this kind of treatment for sure!  And it makes it harder when he acts out or is grouchy.. i have to remind myself how normal that is for a 9 year old!!

Micah is silly!  He wanted to wink!!
Although I often get sweet compliments of how G acts in school or at a friends house.. I don't always get to see that.  You know .. they save their "most real selves" for home.  And honestly, he struggles in caring for his sister sometimes.  They are quite different... concrete vs free spirit at it's best!  They have great moments and not so great moments... and we try to work through those not so great ones (I'm hopeful someday lessons learned with his sister will be beneficial!)

This being said, he rarely has trouble caring for his little brother.  They are buds.  Micah misses his G when he's not there and G climbs in the van after school and gives Micah hugs first.  Sometimes it's too much for Micah and if he knew the word "suffocating"  he would use it correctly!!  
silly boys

I told Garrett I was very proud of him after the awards ceremony.  He said "I was sitting here trying to think of what I did to get this.  I'm not sure what I did.  I just am me."  ... and that is exactly why he got this.  Praying that his humble caring ways continue.  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Sweet" Green Eggs and Ham

I've never been over the moon about Dr. Seuss books.  I don't know why.  I know it's really rude of me to not like rhyming... but well... Thing One and Thing Two just sort of bug me!

However.. Dr. Seuss' birthday has become a reason to celebrate in schools and a reason to READ!

and i like that!

Addie's class is having a Dr. Seuss party.. with lots of fun food and rhyming stories.  I may even get to read one of those to the class.  Maybe it will be "Green Eggs and Ham" to go with Addie's treat for the class.    "Sweet" Green Eggs and Ham...

CUTE, right?!
Not my idea by any means, of course Pinterest has many boards to follow for Dr. Seuss Day.  But this is so easy and would be a fun surprise for any kids for after school!!

line them up!

She didn't like the smell of the pretzels.. it was so funny!!  She kept getting shivers from the smell!

Add white chocolate discs and the smell wasn't so bad :)

And the green "eggs"

She won't eat them.. but she will enjoy sharing!

Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss book/memory?  Hands down, this is mine :)