Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Last week was vacation... seems like a few weeks ago already.  i miss the beach.  Well, technically I could go to the beach tomorrow... but that's beside the point.  and any way... it's going to rain. what i miss is relaxing.  Oh.. and I miss my guy! Garrett went back to Ohio with Matt's parents to spend some time with both sets of grandparents.  I'm glad he's able to do this.  i have no doubt he is living it up.. getting all the attention.. and loving it!  Enjoy it buddy...and don't forget to call your mama! 

Just some pictures....

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little Va-Ca

We are on vacation this week in Hilton Head Island.  My family used to vacation here sometimes while growing up, so I was familiar with the area and knew I liked it. I think it used to be a more secluded place... It's much busier than I remember. However, it still has a lot of charm to it and is very family friendly.  Bonus for us- it's only 4 hours away from home! 

A very packed car... And we are off!

Relaxing pool side with Uncle Chris and Angie 

And then of course ... Swimming!!!

Garrett has become quite the pool shark!  It's all he wants to do!

This reminds me of a country song... Princess playing pool... Do. Not. Mess!!

It's funny to me.  My kids had to be talked into going to the beach. Garrett's response was "why do we have to go to the beach? We go there all the time at home.  This is vacation!"  Lol...  I guess he wanted to do something different from the norm... Lol.. These Navy Kids!!  We used to count down the days till vacation.. Which in my mind meant going to the beach! 

Beach greetings!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Koosie Craft

This is about the easiest summer craft for kids... And great for many reasons!
1. Super easy
2. Not messy.. Fast clean up 
3. Keeps them busy for a while
4. Practice handwriting in a fun way by getting to write On something with a sharpie

A friend of mine recently made these koosies (not sure if that is correct but going with it) for her son's birthday party as favors. Stellar Idea!! The kids all loved them because they had their name on it. And it kept everyone's drink boxes from getting confused... And we didn't have to keep track of a Sharpie marker.  They were brightly colored so the drinks really stood out when they were all lined up on the table.  ..... I highly recommend do ing this for a kids party.  

Then I thought it would also be a great idea for our upcoming vacation with 16 people floating around! Adult drinks are hard to keep track of too!  So the kids and I went in search of koosies and foam stickers!  Hobby Lobby only had a few, informing me that they had them with their summer stuff and they were gone now.  Oh my bad! Because its not summer?? And that's why you have Christmas foam art now? Uh. Should have started with Michael's because they did have summer stuff... And it was on sale! 

I made a girls list and a boys list of names... And they got to work!  

Cute, right!

I'm glad I get a Girl one!

This would be great if you are hosting a play group or pool party! Or have them on hand for play dates and have the kids make one to cut down on the amount of plastic cups they go through.  

***side note ... They work GREAT with Capri Suns!  Micah doesn't squeeze them too much!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ribbon Wreath

I made these wreaths a few weeks back, for end of school gifts for our teachers.  While I don't love the colors (the team!) here... I DO love how they turned out!! And I can't wait to make another.. in more appropriate colors :)
Ribbon Wreath- Florida Gators

lots and lots and LOTS of loops!

I chose ribbons with different patterns on it and made loops of different sizes 
I think the little gator is cute!

Instead of a bow, I used silver sparkly (it needed a little glitter!) tule and placed a wooden F that I painted over top
Garrett and Mrs. Hughes   &   Addie and Mrs. Russell
love them!!
we had a great year!

wow, this is a bad quality pic.. so i'll say in person.. it looked awesome on the wall!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

So mark this day down in the books!  No, not because it was Father's Day... Because I did two things that don't come around often... Like less than once every few years!  
1. I got IN the lake .. Oops I mean river 
2. I cut the grass

Let's start with cutting the grass.  Not my thing.  I use my allergies as an excuse. I thank my own dad this Father's Day for never making me or my sister do that task.  I like to think he viewed us as precious girls who shouldn't have to work like that... But I think it's more like we couldn't cut it too his standards. Plus living with 3 women... Who wouldn't want to escape! Recently I thought of taking up this chore for that reason. Yes, it's still work.. But an escape where little ones can't help or bug you.  Not only did the actual chore itself suck.. I was proved wrong on both of the above thoughts.  

Anyway I did it because Matt had to sleep so he could go into work and fly all night tonight. Saying it was a Father's Day gift made it seem a lot less "if you want something done..." If you know what I mean ;).  Besides it was a good work out! Holy smokes the grass was thick! And who has a push mower that's Not self propelled?!?  Apparently we do.  If any neighbors saw me .. No I was not practicing for football sled drills.

So if that isn't monumental enough... I actually jumped into the St. John's River today while we were out boating with friends.  I do not get in rivers, lakes, or the ocean because I can't see what's below me ready to gobble me up.  And I have made many a scene screaming because I thought for sure something deadly was wrapped around my leg... Yes, it was sea weed.  But today it looked so inviting, so fun..  Ummmm no, you know the real reason I got in!!  ;)

Seriously.. Thank you to our friends Gail and Clay for taking us out today!  It was the perfect relaxing way to spend Father's Day. The kids had a blast going fast and guessing how deep the water was (Garrett).  Micah even said tonight, "Micah. Boat. Like."  That's high praise!!!

Ready for some wake!

My friend, Gail.. Who happens to be my lost at birth twin... In that we grew up far apart but have so many funny things in common!  

My "I don't want to go fast." Girl changed her mind!

G and Cole ready to get their jumps on!

Little dude showed no fear and jumped right in.. And again.. And again! 

Capt. G


And later on....

Friday, June 14, 2013

A gift

A very dear friend of mine went through a tough time this spring.  It's been said that my love language is giving gifts, especially homemade ones.  I know it isn't much, but it was something I could do for her to know that she and her family are loved. 

In Memory Of Luke Virgil... Born already in Jesus' arms, where he will wait for his mama, daddy, and four beautiful siblings to meet him some day.. Oh Glorious Day!


This verse embodies my friend's amazing faith and trust throughout.  She truly gave thanks for God's provisions and had hope in a new day.  

I am blessed to know her and call her my friend. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sore Throat Remedy Review

Last night I woke up at 4 am with my throat just raw and on fire. It hurt so bad to swallow as I was trying to drink some water. Since I was awake and irritated, I decided to do what any sane person does at 4am... Check out Pinterest of course.  Actually, I still can't believe I did that... Usually if I wake in the night and can't fall back to sleep - I just lay there.. Annoyed. Tossing and turning, which leads to more annoyance ... So of course I can't sleep!  However, I am not one of those good people (I know you are out there!) who figure since they are up, they might as well start the day.  No. Not me. I will lay there till my alarm goes off, and even then probably hit snooze!

But I just knew last night Pinterest <in all it's glory> was going to bring me some relief!  I started searching for natural remedies for a sore throat.  Well, there were many.  Many of which I did not have the herbs or extracts needed.  However, I saw a few recipes for a Sore Throat Tea that seemed promising.  After reading a few, I knew I had the ingredients on hand so I stumbled to the kitchen, ready for relief ;) 

I didn't pin the ones I read to tell you the truth.. I just grabbed what I had and threw it together.. Guessing on the amounts as I went.  This is what I used:
          *Apple cider vinegar
          *Lemon juice
   (No worries... I didn't take the pics at 4am!)

A few things about the above pic.  First, I Love the sign above my stove!  My sister got it for me for Mother's Day (found on wise above all... Pinterest! i take it very seriously.) Second, of course the all natural remedies on life saving Pinterest called for real lemon juice, real cinnamon shavings, and freshly ground pepper.  To this I say .. "Close enough just like in horseshoes and hand grenades."  The honey however, IS organic.. Score me.  
{side note... Anyone else just think of Bee Movie... The honey .. "It's organic." Said defensive human.  "It's our ganic" said said defenseless bee.     No?  Just me huh?  I hear that movie in the car a lot}

Anyway, heat up some water.  Add 2 Tbsp honey, 2 Tbsp vinegar, 1Tbsp lemon juice, a few shakes of pepper and a few of cinnamon .. Stir.   
Bottoms Up!

I've made it a few times now.. It does have some healing qualities about it.  It's not bad at all!  It feels good sipping hot tea (when it's 88 and very humid,) that has a punch to it.  The "punch" makes you feel like you are going to show this sore throat who's boss!  At least for a brief time.  

Thanks to Pinterest for saving the day! 

Ps.. I did fall back to sleep last night... So I'm betting on the tea! Maybe I should have done what my Grandma Hodinka always says... "Put some whiskey in it!"  ... 

That's my next step if this crud doesn't leave soon!