Friday, January 31, 2014

Paper Hugs

This one might get ya.. a little tear.  It did me.

I got the kids a book called "The Paper Hug" about a little boy who thinks of a special gift to send along with his Daddy as he leaves for deployment.

Then we made our own  paper hugs to send Daddy!

Addie liked how i added a ring on mine.. so of course she did too!

Garrett gave special instructions.

Micah drew a space shuttle :)

Sweet Addie told him "it is your very own hug".

Half of my heart and theirs in Japan… hoping these hugs bring him some love!

hearts for VP-16!

We are sending some love to Matt and the rest of VP-16 for Valentine's Day (yes, I am aware it is not February yet.. but snail mail take time people!!)

Addison's teacher was all for me coming in to make some Valentine's Day hearts for Matt!  I'm so glad because his walls look pretty boring .. so stark white.  I've sent pictures of the kids.  And we leave an open box for all art work to be mailed to daddy ;)  (best thing about deployment is you don't have to throw kids' art away.. it all goes to Daddy!!)   But who wouldn't want a little love from 18 first graders!?  They worked hard..

I decided to put them on yarn so that he didn't have to hang up all 18 hearts.. just a string or two!

We made one BIG heart for all of the War Eagles of VP-16 and all the kids signed it!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Yesterday we started something I had planned on years ago. The Celebrate Plate came into existence!   I bought one way back when I was pregnant with Garrett .. Thinking it would be great for birthdays, anniversaries, and maybe more importantly the little every day celebrations. I'm not sure what happened to that plate.. I think I lent it to someone.. I hope they are still celebrating today! 

So recently I was talking to a friend about wanting to find one of these plates.. And not 2 days later she texts me " I have a present for you"! Yay!! I love gifts! And this one just resonated with me. A friend who was actually listening to some random story I had about my lost plate, ran across one while shopping and got it for me. She didn't tell me "hey I saw that plate somewhere" which would have been Fine!!! But no, she blessed me and brought it to my house! 

So here's the Celebrate plate! I must say it is so me!! I love it!!

And wouldn't ya know it.. We had reason to celebrate!  100% on vocab and spelling... Words like buoyancy (and No that's not a type-o.. the u really comes before the o.. who knew!?), trepidation, and notoriety.. Spelled without spell check and used correctly.. I say Heck Yeah Celebrate!!
1st recipient of the Celebrate plate!

Give thanks to The Lord for He is good.  .. 
He is good All the time in every situation big and Small!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snowflakes for Japan

Thought since it was cold enough to snow here in Florida.. We would send some snowflakes to Japan.  In an effort to "do something fun" when nothing was really planned.. This is what we did ;)  Sometimes  even a small craft or activity can make you feel accomplished… and this for me accomplished "doing something fun with the kids"… Check!

We had two really cold days here.. it was 32 when we went to school!  i realize much of the country was in Negative digits.. but for here.. 32 is about the same!  LOL.

Garrett was excited to pick this ice cycle off the porch!  And look at Addie.. she's wearing TWO hats!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Face Time And Football

It still amazes me that we have the ability to hang out with dad and watch his team ... Even while he is a lot of miles away.

It seems to help Garrett.. He likes seeing His dad and showing him things he's working on or completed. He's actually a better "face timer" than "phone talker". 

Addie is less impressed with the whole video conferencing thing.. She likes to see her daddy, check in that he's doing ok.. And then show him something sparkly like her new shoes. Or she puts her headphones on and sings to him. Good times. 

Little Micah is a toss up.. He either hates that daddy is in the computer and will ask "Daddy, Why you still in there?" And then get mad and walk away, refusing to talk.  Or he loves it and hogs the iPad. Such as this occasion. 

And my favorite... He made coffee for daddy and drank it with him. Oh and he put a little phone up to the iPad! 

It's not the same .. But it's better than nothing. 
Ohio State lost another bowl game.. So some things do remain the same. 

Looking forward to Next football season when we are all back together!!