Friday, May 31, 2013

Sick.. It happens (again)

So like I mentioned before, it's been a rough two weeks here.  Last week Addie and this week ME!  I'm so frustrated because there is so much to do .. And school ends this Tues.   Going to have all 3 of them running around, I somehow know my time will be even more precious than it is now.. So I wanted to get a few things done. Well, that's out the window when there are sick kids and even more so with a sick Mama.   

But the past few days while I was not well, it forced me to do something I don't do very well.. Or often.. Rest.  And enjoy some snuggle time with Micah :)  He was so sweet to me yesterday, laying down on the couch watching Mickey and Jake for hours, playing on the iPad for as long as he wanted.. Yep I think he figured out he could really benefit from this situation.

 Snuggle buddy

iPad and kale chips ... Sid the Science Kid would be so proud!

Uhhhhhh more iPad 

Addie read with me when she got home.

I forgot to take a pic last night, but after Garrett showered he asked if he could lay in bed with me {he still calls it "mommy time"} ... Which usually means he needs to discuss something or is worried about something.  But he said , "no.  I just thought you were lonely".   Awww. I wanted nothing more than to close my eyes... But of course I said I Was lonely and enjoyed his company for a while. 

Being sick sure does bite.. But sweet kids sure do help.  I may have to start dusting off my Ferris Bueller tactics and let this happen a little more often!  (I kid I kid.. Sort of) 

Sick.. It happens

It has been a rough 2 weeks here at the Griffin house.  Last week Addie was sick with a high fever (up to 104.9!!) and it just would not go away.  She missed all week of school.  I've heard of 5 other kids that have the same virus (?) and have missed this week!  All at different schools and none in contact with Addie while she was contagious ;)  

She had to get a CBC to check everything out (came back fine) and she And Micah got to have a super sugary treat! 

Then they crashed! 

Poor baby!

She got flowers from her beastie to make her feel better.

And when she was finally feeling better we made some purple pancakes!  

Having sick ones at home is just not fun!  Ok maybe for one day it's a novelty.. Watch movies, read and snuggle.  But the thrill wears off and then you are just stir crazy staying in the house.  And annoyed because you have to cancel commitments.  I'm on week two of canceling things and I feel so bad... But really I'm guessing nobody wants me around right now with this Florida Swamp Eye I've got goin on!! (That's what a friend of mine named it.. Her son has it too.) Thought it was hilarious!

Well if nothing else.. I'm so glad Addie is feeling better and she got to go to her class party! 
Hoping to feel more myself too. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Let's hear it for the boys! (And apps)

"Let's hear it for the boys! Ahhhhhhh let's give the boys a haaaaaand!" 
(You are welcome for that 80's flash back that will stay with you all day...)

The boys I am cheering for are my own :)  Garrett and Micah need a shout out even if its on a small forum like this.  You see, I am sick.  Yes.  I know.  Moms don't get sick.  They can't. But oops I let down my guard and boom! Slapped with a sinus infection (love FL except for the havoc it reeks on my sinuses).  Oh but wait there's more.  I have .. Ahem.. Pink Eye.  Gross I know!    I'm guessing I got it last week dealing with all of Addison's tissues that were everywhere.  And is it coincidence that she doesn't get a shout out?!  Hahaha.. Maybe. (Jk). She got to go over a friend's house after school while he boys got to come along with me to my doctor appointment (I would have found a place for G too.. Had he not threw up at school today!  I think he was just overheated outside.. But yeah, we aim high apparently.)

Anyway.. Back to mom being sick... I mean back to the boys ;)  

The doctor took a while today.. Longer than any of the 3 times we were there last week.  I sat in the waiting room, eyes (well one good eye) glued to the game show channel, where they play reruns of 80's games like "25,000 Pyramid" (so always wanted to be on that and paired with a really awesome celeb like Betty White), "Lingo" (which I don't remember) and my all time favorite, "Press Your Luck!!" The Whammies are still awesome!!   

The boys played and entertained themselves (partially due to the iPad .. I say it unashamed).  They were so good while we were back in the exam room.. I really just kept saying "thank you God.  I AM aware of this blessing".  Seriously.  Then we went to the store to pick up my medicine ,which never made it to their computer and added on an additional 20 min.  But they really did a great job again.  So Micah was running in circles and shooting me with a water gun..  I'm sure I got looks (but remember I could only see half of them!!). Garrett, on his own, walked along with Micah.. Keeping him close.  

Boom boom!

I hate being sick.  And I hate even more not being able to BE sick when I'm sick.. Still had to pick up Addie  and get her to dance class, still had to get dinner going, still had to be present.  But wow!  My big kid stepped it up.. Helping to keep Micah happy and safe. 

When we got home and I knew Matt was on his way, I crawled into bed .. Ready to just BE sick.  Micah came in, followed closely by Garrett who escorted him out and said "let's go play trucks".  
Awwww sigh.  I told Garrett tonight how proud I was of him and how much he helped me.  He smiled his sweet smile and asked, "do you think I earned an app?" 

Lol! Yes! Even if it was "app driven"... I'll take it.  

Do I expect that to happen again next time??  ... I'm not that sick!  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend ...Love

Is it just me or is MAY the NEW December?!!   Crazy busy!!

And her it is, the end of May and I have barely stopped by here at all.   So I wanted to share some pics of some of the fun we have had this weekend ... Remembering those who have served and Honoring those who serve along side of my family.  

I saw this on Instagram and just loved it!  I couldn't agree more!!  

And here are some of the reasons I believe in the above picture..
My sweet Addie girl is finally feeling a lot better after fighting a fever All of last week!  She's back to her jewelry and fancy dress wearing self!

My Golf nut!! Garrett finished up another round of lessons at The First Tee and according to him, he "smacks" the ball!

My little guy who thinks he's a big kid.. Though I'm determined to prove him wrong!  Micah just loved the beach and the pool.. He's fearless! 

Nope, that's not a super tall kid... Or maybe it is!  My crazy, never-grow-up, fun, sees the bright side husband is the glue to this little family and my true love :)  

Thankful for his willingness to serve his country, follow our God, & love our family. 

Hope to meet you here again soon! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A pretty flower & glass beads

I am not sure what got into me today.. I completed 4 (yes 4!) projects!!!  and started 2 more ;)   What in the world??  I know!  But I am pretty thrilled since they have been calling to me for a long time now.  Nothing major.  Very Easy actually.  But satisfying none the less :)

I thought I would share one now. 

This porch furniture was a steal for me on craig's list.  It is in excellent condition (I can't even justify spray painting it, so you know it's good).  Some new cushions and and we were golden.  *i still need some fun pillows though.  Anyway, the glass table tops lift up, easy to clean up Popsicle mess .. not that I would know.. <sarcastic>.  

I have seen the glass beaded table tops on Pinterest and just love them!  And the very nature of these tables just says "put glass beads under the glass... they fit perfectly!"  So I did. 

I had a pretty helper.

We (i) lined them all up.. in true OCD fashion, and placed the glass on top.


Lucky for me the glass fits snug right on top.  It holds the beads in place.  No mess with the thick fillers (I couldn't go that route anyway because of the grooves).  I didn't want to glue the beads onto the table.. you never know when a change might strike!  I can see kids art work, leaves, Christmas cards... all finding their way here.

The smaller table is home to a very beautiful yellow flower.  I hope of all plants I try to keep alive, this could be one of them.  The kids got this for me a few weeks ago when we were at a nursery looking at palm trees.  Garrett took Addie and Micah for a ride on one of those waggon carts you are supposed to fill up with flowers.  It was one of those rare *sigh.. they are all laughing and getting along moments.  People were telling us how cute they were.. and I believed them! lol. 

Soon they came back to me and told me not to go anywhere near the place where you pay.  And not to look up in the front where the yellow flowers were ;)   

Their plan was thwarted a bit when a sales person came up to me to tell me how much just one flower would be.  I think she thought I sent my minions up to her to ask.  Garrett was devastated that she ruined the surprise.  However.. I am a thespian and I "acted my part well" and convinced them I didn't know what the lady was talking about. 

They smuggled it into the truck (next to a palm!)  and gave it to me when we got home.

They chose yellow because it is my favorite color. 
Addie used her "cash" in her purse to buy it.
It's pretty much better than any dozen... ever.