Thursday, May 31, 2012

wave your magic wand

Wouldn't it be nice if we could wave a magic wand and Poof! things change :)
       tantrums would stop. bad hair days fixed. headaches gone. time would slow down. time would speed up. friends & family wouldn't be so far away. laundry would be done, folded, and put away!.... you get the picture. our lists could go on and on and on...

We don't have any magic wands that actually work at our house... but it is Fun to see what a magic wand will do if we let our imaginations work as the wand waves!
      we visit princes lands far and near. we have tea parties on the moon. we are In a nascar race.

I love to see what the kids imagine and create using their very active imaginations!

yesterday addie wanted to make a magic wand to do "special magic things".
she got out her Book of Fairy Things to make and Do and went to work.. with limited help :)

we traced 2 stars on cardboard and cut it out.
then we glued them to tin foil and put a book on them to dry flat.

addie cutting around the tin foil
 we used packing tape to stick the ribbon strips to the stars and the straw for the handle.

then we used a little of the clear packing tape around each point to stick the 2 back sides of the stars together.  She later decorated it with sparkle jewels... but i didn't get a pic of that.
ready for some magical fun!

the book addie was using is actually out of print now.. but there are many fun activity books with great ideas to "make and do" for the summer! here's a few favorites...
please see my Usborne Books and More site if interested  :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comfy micah

Actually im just trying out a new app i put on my phone from Blogger to see how it works.

Thought these pics were cute as i found micah in his chair a few times today.

So cute .. just hanging out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

This weekend we went to our first Reno Aces game of the season .. We always like to go to a few games.. we were telling Garrett how we went to the Portland Sea Dogs games in Maine. Then we stepped it up a level in San Diego to the Padres and now the Aces.  And I've been told there's a minor league team in Jax too!

The best part of the game was going with our good friends, the Stangers!  The kids had a blast :)

Addie trying desperately to be on the "Smile Cam"

Micah enjoying the game

ok.. this is funny!

Kaden and G... best buds!

look at him looking at her even when she's giving him attitude

addie the ballerina & lucas the ball player..... and each has met their match!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a new addiction...

i see a new addiction forming ... "".....
stumbled across it this morning... not even sure how i got there now!

it has DEALS!

it's kind of a cross between and

check it out via this link :)

i ordered two new maxi dresses today.. ready for summer! and they were only $17 :)
i probably need to find a good tutorial now for hemming :)


Friday, May 11, 2012

chalk board clip boards

Chalk Board Clip Boards!!

I couldn't not share these.. they are Fun!

tuck them away as an idea for next years teacher appreciation gifts.  just like the pencil vase i posted the other day.. they are so easy!  and do not take much time at all.

 First i spray painted the clips of the clipboards with the silver metallic spray paint i used last week in my mercury glass vases (still loving them... and loving this metallic spraypaint. Fun!)
 Then i used chalk board paint to paint the clip boards.  I did 2 coats.

I love the personalized gifts :)  

Thursday, May 10, 2012

i was featured!

so excited!

my blue glass project was featured at "Double-Wide in the Sky"  .. which is a fabulous DIY blog about Joanne's transition from living in and restoring a large home to moving into City apartment in the sky.  I found her blog through the DIY challenge she was co-hosting and i will definitely be following and pinning her creations as inspirations for our new home... :)

i even get a button!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day wreath 1

man.. mothers day and teacher appreciation week all in one week!
what's a crafter to do??  a good one would have planned ahead! lol.  i did actually plan ahead.. just didn't act on it.  but i had inspiration today! 

I made my Mother In Law her Mother's Day present  :)   A "family wreath" so to speak.

I swear i didn't find it on Pinterest .. nor was i inspired by any project.  (though i'm sure you could find it ON Pinterest.. seems like whenever i think i have an original idea, i find it the next day on there.)

I decided to make a wreath with a little bit of each one of us on it.  Namely, colors... to represent birthstones.

the colors are a little random.. but hey! so are we!  actually, i like the way it came together.. alot!

                                          i made flowers for each one of us on the Griffin side...

 Here is our family, starting from the top.. Matt is July. I am Feb. Garrett is Aug. Addie is July and Micah is March.
                      This is for Matt's brother and his girlfriend (notice the space i left to the right.... ).

               This is for Matt's mom who's birthstone is a pearl for June and another March for his dad.
                                         I painted and lightly glittered the "g" for of course.. Griffin :)

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

teacher pencil vase

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

Teachers deserve appreciation every day... but can you imagine the apples they would have?  lol.. actually do kids ever even do that anymore?  hummmm... maybe mine will :)  .. though knowing me.. i wouldn't .. couldn't.. only send an apple!  haha!

anyway.. little projects like this are more fun!


lots of pencils!
Hot glue the pencils to the vase

add some pretty flowers

I added the ribbon and flower for something a little "extra" :)

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Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY Challenge

I have been wanting to try this DIY Mercury Glass that i found on Pinterest for a while.  I bought the stuff actually many weeks ago, many here would probably mean sometime in February.  So this UFO (unfinished object) DIY challenge link party got me to do it.  It took NO time at all.  Seriously, it took me longer to find the metallic spray paint that i knew i bought!

You need:
glass vases (i got these at the dollar store)
water bottle
metallic spray paint

Spray the glass with water all over
Immediately spray with the spray paint.

Let Dry.
Repeat the process if you want it to be less see through.
I did repeat.. though not by choice.  Addison decided to help me.. and sprayed the vases with water again, after they had dried.  I just sprayed the silver over them again.  I'm actually glad "I" did that .. :)

                                                                          i like.

                                                                liking the textured look.

                          i need to work on my photography skills.. but i am liking the craftiness!!

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