Saturday, October 6, 2012

girlie bday gift with personality!

This is day 6 of Pass IT On!! 

Here's a quick girlie birthday gift for you with a little personality!

We are new to the area.. but that doesn't stop the birthday parties!  Addie especially has found her group of friends at school.  She says they are all "best friends"!  They are all girlie girls.. and I can only imagine what type of things their teacher hears about all day long... God bless her!   The very first day of school Addie came home and told me what the girls had on... it's been that way ever since!  This is, no doubt, how she befriends her girlfriends.  hummm.. we probably need to work on the whole beauty on the inside thing..

These fancy girls love playing dress up and making jewelry.. so it was only obvious that we would get her friend one of those jewelry making kits with about 8,000 beads in it.  I figured the least I could do was to get a container to keep it all in.  So Addie picked out the appropriate 8,000 piece set and i grabbed a clear container and took it home to wrap.  The container was just too boring though.. so i added a little no fuss extras.  Girls love when their names are on things.. boys too.  So i stenciled Addison's friend's name on top and then used my trusty hot glue gun (that is seeing some action again after a few months off!) and just glued some felt pieces from my stash.  So so easy.  Much Prettier :)

If it wasn't very close to the time of the party .. we could have blinged the container a little more.. but alas, we had to go.  and .. it didn't matter :)  The birthday girl really loved it!  (and the 8,000  beads!)

I had to include this... It's the heart felt card Addie made for her friend.  ... 
"I <heart> U. So happy to see you again at the birthday party."   
She cracks me up!!

Addison and one of her new besties, Aislynn.  Don't they look like they are perfect together!?


  1. Oh! I so wish I had a little of your craftiness. You made that case so pretty!

  2. thanks emily :) I'd rather have your writing flair :)