Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dance Mom

I am a dance mom.

I sit and wait in the lobby while Addison takes her classes. First is jazz class. I look forward to her bouncing out to change her shoes and get a quick drink of water before returning for ballet.

I don't mind sitting.. (let me rephrase. If Matt makes it home in time to stay with the boys... i don't mind).   I love to hear the ballet music from the back room. I know when they are at the barre .. that music is distinct.  The older girls in the front room are working a modern routine.  Hearing the counting.. 5 6 7 8! And 1 2 3 4........ it brings back memories. I danced for a long time growing up. I tapped. I liked it, but I always wanted to try jazz and ballet. (Actually, I think I would love modern.. but that wasn't a "thing" then). 

It never worked in my favor to try jazz and formal ballet.  But the turns and leaps of both -so different- intrigue me, even today.  I love the emotion of ballet.. the poise, free and connected at the same time.  Jazz is so up and spot on.. the placement, exact.

If i weren't so chicken now i would sign up for an adult class... but alas.. I'm old, much heavier, and get dizzy when i spin! So instead I sit a few more minutes and wait for Addie to come out.. undoubtedly on her toes and wanting to show me something she learned. She'll say she loves her class and had so much fun. *sigh*
I'm a dance mom now.. and I'm joyful seeing my daughter dance because she wants to.

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