Monday, October 15, 2012

Tour De Oldest City

This is Day 14 of Pass IT On!

A little tired last night and didn't get to post...  We had a fun weekend!

The last time we lived in Jacksonville.. almost 10 years ago!.. we went down to St. Augustine quite often.  It's such a charming town, rich in history.  Beautiful on the water.  Since we moved here we haven't had the chance to spend a lazy day down there, until now.  The kids really loved it as well.  Micah was enamored by the boats. Addie saw a pink horse pulled carriage and asked her daddy if he would get that for her wedding :) and Garrett was insistent on taking the city tour.

If you ever get a chance to visit St. Austine.. do so!

Some Southern Charm

A delicious lunch spent with dear friends ... the last time we all had lunch together was in Brunswick, Maine.

Quaint streets

We did take the "Red Train" tour.  It was interesting.. lots of history. Which means if we took a test after the tour, Garrett would have out scored me by a lot.

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