Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Day 3 of Pass IT On!

I am so so glad this day is done.  It has been a long one that started at 5:30.  Non stop All. Day. Long.  Lovely FL humidity.  Leftovers. and Frogs.  I am so glad to be sitting in bed ready to relax and read probably 2 pages before i fall asleep.  wait! I don't have pages to turn... maybe i can read a few extra (conserving the energy that would have been spent turning pages of course).

I LOVE my Kindle.  Love it!  I have not read this much since probably 6th grade when i was still reading like mad to find out what adventures Claudia and Mary Anne (.. you know it! Baby-sitters Club!) would find themselves in.  After that I didn't really read for pleasure at all.  Kind of sad actually.

Two years ago at Christmas my parents got me a Kindle.. seriously the best gift ever!  Since that day i have read so many book and many more book previews.  I love that you can preview a book for about a chapter or so to see if you will like it.  .. i sure hate when i would actually buy a book and it turned out to be a dud!

I read so much faster.  I know that sounds silly.. but i promise it is true!  My theory is that I am used to scanning things on a screen so that translates into faster reading.  Just a guess.

I have multiple books "opened" at the same time, so with a few clicks i have shut one book and opened another. I've never done that before.. it is so nice to be able to choose what I'm in the mood for and then change my mind but never get out of bed.  I can even choose to download a new book :)

I've used the highlighting and note taking features a little bit.  I don't love the note taking.. it's not fast enough for me but i do like highlighting.

For sure need the Kindle cover with a light.  A must.

I have expanded my library preferences. Again, I can't really explain why.. but for some reason i venture out of my normal books.  my favorite book by far is one that i would have never tried to read.. the sheer thickness would have put me off from the get go.  it's called "Unbroken: A World War II story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption"
Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and RedemptionAmazing True Story!

Why else do i love it?
      I don't have the clutter of books i've already read.  Never have been one to read a book more than       once.  I could read "Unbroken" again.. it was that good! 
      I can lay in bed and not get that cramp in my shoulder from propping my self up to read and turn pages.
      I take it with me all the time.  It's great for when i get stuck waiting in the car for one reason or another.  Or when I wait at dance class or ... hey.. i do a lot of waiting!
     There are free and very low priced books to be found.
     Kindle gift cards rock!!
     It's a fun treat for the kids.  They think it's so fun to read in the dark with the kindle light.  We have even read by camp fire with it.. that was fun!

So no.. I'm not telling you anything earth shattering ... but if you wrestle with "I think I might like it??  But i really like the feel of the actual book."  I'm telling you.. you will get over that really fast :)

ok.. i'm going to read now...

Anyone else love to read again because of your Kindle??  (ps: i'm sure the Nook and ipad and other devices are equally as satisfying..)

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