Monday, October 8, 2012

30 seconds to better than nothing!

this is Day 8 of Pass IT On!

30 seconds.......... beeeeeeeeeep!

how many times do you warm something up in the microwave for 30 seconds (give or take).  If you are like me (please say there are others that do this)... you heat your morning coffee up numerous times before finally giving up.  I also heat bottles because yes, my 18 month old (3rd child) still takes his milk in a bottle and likes it warm.  Whatever. 

It seems like I'm always throwing something in the microwave and I am waiting right there for it to beeeep! It's not like I can completely walk away... not enough time.  and if I did.. I would end up heating it up again because it would take a few minutes for the reminder beep to register in my head what it actually is.  (again, I'm not the only one I hope!) 

So it's not genius .. or earth shattering.  I've read tid bits in magazines about standing in line at the grocery and making the most out of it... but.... one day I started applying that to the microwave time... and it has been really good.  I don't like to waste anything, especially time.  So I started playing a game with myself during those 30 seconds. .... how much of the dishwasher can i get unloaded, can i get the dishes in the sink done, clean off the table to prepare for the next mess.  It's kind of fun!  OR  I stand there and i do squats or leg lifts or my fave.. lunges!  It's a good way to squeeze in a brief partial workout.  and like Ms. Buckberry used to say in one of my speech therapy practicums ... "something is better than nothing.." 

and.... I believe that is true.  We do not always have time for a full out work out.  or even a full out clean the kitchen and surrounding area.  but... we always have 30 seconds to reheat that coffee!

Try it!  Something IS better than nothing!
Pass IT On!!!  Ideas for what to do during that 30 seconds??  I'd love to hear!


  1. Great tip, Amie! I'm enjoying reading your tidbits this month. And I'm not heating bottles these days, but I *am* reheating coffee (a couple of times each day) so I should be getting a good minute-per-day of squats. :)