Monday, October 29, 2012

Spray Paint Squaring Off

Today Is: Day 28 of Pass IT On!

I have been enjoying some spray painting lately .. it is just fun (and addicting) to change the look of something old and make it new again! 

Since it is a rather new hobby of mine, I was a little unsure of which brand I wanted to use as a Go To brand.  So I put two of them to the test.  Since moving into our home, we have spent a lot of time (and Money!) at Lowe's.  So not surprisingly, during some of our many trips... I have come home with a can or two of spray paint ;)

On the few projects that I had done in the past, I always used Valspar (the Lowe's brand).  They have an amazing selection that seems to just keep getting bigger with more and more colors!  Seasonal ones too!

Can you tell which way I'm casting my vote here yet?

I used the Rustoleum Universal on a small table that was painted black.  And I wanted white.  I had read somewhere that this paint worked really well on such a project.  Well... The paint kept beading up (humidity doesn't help but I did try to do it on days when it was low).  It would pull together and streak.  After letting it dry really well, I decided to try the Valspar over it before starting over and sanding it down.  Yay!  It worked!  The Valspar covered all the streaks and it dried a nice smooth surface.  *Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the paint pulling and streaking.  :(   But here's what it started out looking like:
Yes, I am totally aware of the frog looking thing.. I would not have been snapping a pic if it was a frog! It is steel wool.
And here's the after..

It is part of a Make Over Experience going on in Addison's room.  Love the fun knobs she picked out at Hobby Lobby.  "ballet pink"  her signature color.   Which is the name of the Valspar Spray I used on this little table for her room... (I will show more of the vanity in a later post)
Vanity Table
 Finally, here is a cute Lowe's shopper..

**I am not in anyway paid by Lowes.. I WISH!  We sure pay them enough! These are just my opinions on a few cans of spray paint.  Obviously not an exhaustive study.. but it was Fun!!  Totally what creating in your home should be. FUN.

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