Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Revolutionizing laundry

Today is Day 17 of Pass IT On!

Getting organized.  It's one of the thing I truly desire, but find it so hard to do.  My plan before moving into our current home was to go crazy with organization. I would  implement all the plans, schedules, and routines and thus live a happy organized life.  

hahahahahahahahahahaha!  LOL to the fullest.

I have said before, I am so not good at organizing.  It does not come natural to me at all.  It takes me forever.  I over think.  I re-think and rearrange.  All in the name of finding the "perfect place" for everything.  But it's never perfect.  Later that night I will undoubtedly think to myself while rocking Micah, "Man.. I should have used that bin for this. or I should put that here."  It's not pretty. 

It's not pretty because it never gets done and there is always a mess! 

Now, in an effort of not being so hard on myself and extending a little grace... I have very little time to actually focus on organization without a little "undoer" next to me :)   So yes, it is taking longer than i was hoping for to get to where the house operates smoothly but progress is made and  positive changes are happening... one slow step at a time.

I often wonder, "Will I ever get to the point where I feel settled?  Where everything has it's place.. and it is Put there.  Where I will sit on the couch at night and look around and smile at the neatness of everything."   Do you ever wonder these things?  How do you answer yourself? (assuming I am not the only one talking to myself here!)  My answer for now has to be "think smaller".  Don't let the ultimate goal loom over you so much that it becomes unattainable and not worth working towards.  Do small things.. positive steps towards the goal. It's ok. It's OK.

That was kind of a long introduction to a rather simple and positive change I have started doing.  I am always overwhelmed with laundry (who isn't?!)  so this is an effort to get in control of it. 
One Load A Day
That's it.  One load a day and here's the key.. do it right away, first thing in the morning. What brought me to this?  I found myself doing loads and loads of laundry and by the end of the day they were all stuffed in baskets waiting to be folded.  And if i remembered, I would fold that evening.  But then putting away was postponed till the next day (or more) because kids were sleeping.  It was a never ending process... frustrating and defeating. 

So I have decided to try this new approach and see if it helps me get better control.. and complete the process by only focusing on one load.  So far so good!  I get a basket ready the night before and then first thing (after turning on the coffee of course) I throw it in the washer.  By the time we are ready to leave for school it's dryer bound.  After a trip to the gym, it's ready to be folded and put away.. and then I Am Done with that for the day!!  Accomplished!  It's a Much better feeling than the disappointment I was faced with so often when I realized the load in the dryer isn't all the way dry and the one in the washer needs to go in and the basket needs folding.  It completely erased the good feelings of getting many loads washed.. when the rest of the steps were not completed.  

What do you think?  Wanna join me?


  1. That's what I so much better!

  2. I think that the quest for the "organized home, will always be a never ending project. I know that sometimes I dream of the perfect home and quickly remember that nobody is perfect.

    I think that to achieve our goals, they begin with small steps. I love that you are taking a large goal and breaking it into more achievable steps. There is nothing more satisfying than crossing off things on our to do lists, rather than always being down because the big picture isn't happening as quickly as we expect.

    Good luck in the daily laundry load quest, I think it’s a very realistic step to finishing your 'organized' mission

    1. thank you Kylara. i agree... i love crossing off things on my lists.. so if smaller things is what it takes to cross off.. that's what i will do. thanks for stopping by ;)

  3. I do this, too--or try to as much as possible. The hamper never empties anymore even If I spend all day washing, folding, and pretending to put it all away. Sometimes, I even sneak in two loads...