Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pallet Centerpiece

When I saw this DIY centerpiece on The Idea Room (love Amy!!) I knew it was going to be on my dining room table for Christmas.  Amy shares hers with some beautiful fall decor.. but i knew not to expect fall for me :)   But it was finished Sunday after Thanksgiving... so I'm rather impressed.  Props to my husband and his wicked nail gun skills.. thanks hun!

It was easy to find supplies for this.. there is a lot of new construction around our house... = Pallets!! So this is my first pallet project.. and just like spray paint, I'm addicted!  

Isn't it pretty?  I didn't even do anything to the wood.. just naturally weathered.

How excited am I to have my own  Crow Bar! Pulling apart the pallet was a stress reliever ;)
Matt used a nail gun (borrowed from a friend.. I wonder if he wants it back??) to nail a piece of ply wood to the bottom.

I had some fun spraying pine cones...
 the green is for something else ;)
The first Christmas decoration!!
 Free pallet. Free pine cones. Silver spray paint and Bulbs from Walmart.  ... $5 total.  sweeeet!

Yes, the table is a little plain... needs something else.  But I like the start!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Farewell to fall decor

One of the reasons I like to share on the blog here is to show family and friends that live so far away what is going on in our home.  The crazy day to day life.. mixed with a little DIY to make it pretty.  :)   Fall sort of unfolded a little at a time as it was the first season to decorate for in our new home.  I have a feeling Christmas will be the same.  Then again, Christmas is like that each year for me as I tend not to halt on the crafting till Santa is knocking!  

Here's  a look at some of the fall things we've added. The recent "cold" spell we had in FL helped :)
 i made the "THANKS" bottles last year.. was happy they survived the move.  On the far right is a vase with different layers of beans and popcorn, topped with a mini pumpkin... so festive!

 more layers .. so colorful
 I used a lot of the mini pumpkins this year.. till I realized they don't hold up in humidity like they do in the dry desert.  I threw quite a few away.
 The breakfast nook is finally done.  I will share more pics later, but here is a touch.
 Birdseed!  Love the colors!  Especially the turquoise :)  it works so well.  And thanks to the kids for getting the pine cones. 
 Pine cones are an easy addition.. screaming "fall"!

In the dining room I went for simple and elegant.
 Love the whimsical spinning Addie pics in the fields from last year. 
 Pinecones and pearly sea shells for an easy centerpiece.
 Guess what is not spray painted here.  
If you guess the plate (charger from Hobby Lobby) and the pumpkins (Micheal's).. you are right.  The candle sticks used to be an ugly green.  Love them now. And the lamp.. yes the lamp.  
I may have a problem. 
 This room makes me smile.
 We just did our floors.. don't they look awesome?!

Now... let's gear up for Christmas decorating!  Garrett is all set and wants to get out the boxes.  Addison is beside herself, not understanding why you would start another holiday when Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet.  The girl has a point.  So i think we will enjoy fall just a few more days. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Glittery Fantasticness.. for a quick gift

I am a last minute type.  I just am. Tuesday is the last day of school this week... and I had nothing for the teachers.. just something little to say "I am thankful for you!".   So today while on the treadmill I decided I would to go to Micheal's - after collapsing of course- in search of the clear glass bulbs I needed.  I wanted to try this glittery fantasticness last Christmas and never got around to it. This year... watch out!! I may do one of these for everyone I know.. they are that easy!!  Highly recommend you try.

Here's how the ornaments turned out :)
Aren't they pretty?  And guess what.. the glitter is on the inside, so no mess.  Awesome.

All you need is: Mop and Glo, Clear Glass Bulbs, Extra Fine Glitter

Pour the Mop and Glo into the bulb. Don't worry how much - you will drain out the extra.  Swirl it around, but don't shake it so it ddoesn't create bubbles.

Drain the liquid.

Use your pinkie to get the froth off of the edge.
Pour Glitter inside - again you will dump any extra.

Rotate to cover the inside.

Dump any extra back in the container.  Tap the bulb to get any lose glitter.
Don't you just love?  So Glittery and Shiny!
I really liked how they turned out.  But I decided to personalize them a little with a last initial.  I wanted to try the glass glitter paint so I used it to stencil.
First I tried just filling it in the actual stencil.  I used a Q-tip to smooth the edges.

For the 2nd bulb, I traced the stencil on paper.  Much better!

The kids each wrote a note to their teacher.. Garrett told his he is so thankful for her.  Addie told hers she loves her and drew little hearts ;)  I too am so thankful for their teachers.. thank you!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tales from a white girl at Zumba...

So I have added Zumba to my workout routine recently.  Love it!  It is so fun.  ... or is it just so funny to laugh at myself through out the class?  Either way.. It is a Great workout!  But let's get real here.  I have 0.0% Latino in me.  I am 100% old school cheerleader and an ex tap dancer.  Sharp motions come naturally. And it is just hilarious to see me try to move my hips or shake my rear the way the uninhibited instructor does!  Man.. I wish I could let go like her.  Oh and speaking of her.. she did P90X just before teaching class .  Again, I shake my head at myself .. not my hips. Today the running commentary in my head during class was just interesting...

Actual thoughts during Zumba
*What the ..??
*My hips seriously do not move
*oops.. I just looked way too cheerleader again
*step touch.. got that
*Is anyone else dizzy when they spin?
*squat. jump. jump.  ooo.. i like that one. "Go Ohio!" (cheerleader again)
*that girl in front of me wasn't even born when this song was released ("Beat It")
*and why isn't that girl in front of me sweating??
*bonita.. i think that means pretty (testing my Espanol)
*salsa.. yeah, that sounds good. Margaritas anyone?
*even belly button high pants mom shakes better than me.
*I think i just did the Roger Rabbit.
*I think my vitamins just came up.
*Man, new respect for Kirsty Alley.
*Even Mark Ballas would want Bristol back if I was his partner.
*How do they do this in heels?
*Why do i keep thinking of Dancing With the Stars??

*Whooo.  that was good.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 little words

This morning got off to a not so great start.  It was raining out and crawling back in bed seemed like the most desirable plan.. it could not happen of course.  What needed to happen was an extra quick get ready performance by the big kids (hahahaha.. i laugh at myself).  Typically I bring them to school because the bus comes at 7:45 and school doesn't start till 8:30, in which we live a distance of 5 miles.  So I know hurrying to get to the bus stop would result in a lot more nagging, yelling, and whining.. which is just a bad way to start off the day.  I chose to avoid.  Well, this morning.. my suspicions were proven correctly. Today I needed the kids to ride the bus today so that I could take Micah to a friend's house so I could volunteer in Garrett's class. 
*** Enter nagging, yelling, and whining. ***

After loading them up in the car (their stop is .5 mile up the road- we'd have to start at 6am!)  We get there
We Missed The Bus! (of course). 

Driving to the school, knowing I was going to have to do some serious backtracking and would most certainly be late, was painful. Painful because I told them that buses, trains, planes, and ships will not wait for anyone... which echoed the voice of my swim coach on summer mornings telling me that I would miss the ship even if it were headed on a cruise.  Probably true.

It actually was a good lesson for all of us.  But I felt so terrible showing up so late for Garrett's teacher! I absolutely love helping in the classes.  Maybe it is because I grew up a "principal's daughter", but I get excited about the inner workings of the school.  Room mom, field trips, PTO.. sign me up!  crazy.  Anyway, there was a mix-up with the students id numbers for the computers that I needed to do testing on books they had read.  Garrett's teacher felt just as bad as I had because I couldn't do what I had come in for.  I read with some kids and that was fine.  Things happen.  life.

I was walking out the door and Mrs. H said sorry one more time.  And then she made my day.. heck .. my week!  3 little words.  She said "I appreciate you."  It resonated so much more than a simple "thank you" would have.  "Thank you" would have been fine.  But I bet I would not have thought much about it passed that moment.  But what she intentionally said stayed with me the rest of the day. "I appreciate you."  It made me smile.  It brought purpose to a crazy morning.  I felt valued. 

As our day to day life flies by we so often forget to tell those we love that we appreciate them and what they do.  We take each other for granted.  We rush out the door, and we miss the bus.  We miss so many opportunities to acknowledge someone, even in a little way.

 I wonder what would happen if today we told someone in our lives that they are appreciated.  Would that someone feel valued?  Would they then pass it on to another?   A chain reaction may be on the horizon!
Try it, would you?  It won't be comfortable,  "Thank you" is easier.  But it will be intentional and meaningful -and it might just leave a greater impact.

Just a thought to Pass IT On!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankfulness Window

Usually I have done a "Thankful Tree" where we add leaves with things we are thankful for.  Last year I was especially fond of our Thankful Tumbleweed Tree :)  but there are no tumbleweeds (thank goodness) in Florida :)  I decided to go totally simple.. but fun!

Here is our Thankfulness Window!  
Excuse the poor photos.  It was really difficult to capture to see the the writing on the windows.  

22 Thankful Days - Addison

22 Thankful Days - Garrett

Since these windows are located right behind our kitchen table, each night we talk about something we are thankful for and we add it to our list.  Why I was writing it for the first few days, I'm not sure... clearly the kids are much better... Addie even drew a few pictures. On day 4 she was thankful for going to the beach and she drew a beach ball :)  On day 5 she liked that we went for a walk and she drew herself walking and a smile :)  Her writing also gets smeared and on her hand... she's a lefty!

We have been having fun with these Crayola Window Markers!  Something so simple.. but so fun! 
 Crayola® Washable Window Markers - 8 Ct.

Addie as she draws a beautiful mural on our sliding glass doors :)

Pass IT On!
Pick up a pack of these fun markers.. your kids will love you! (well, until you make them practice spelling and math on the windows... and even that was cool for a few days!)

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

You are my Sunshine

How is it Thursday already??  For that matter... how in the world is it November? 

I do love this time of year...  it really should be a time of remembering and thankfulness.. to prepare us for the season to come.  It shouldn't be just a time to "get through".  I hope to use it that way.

Since I just finished up with writing daily for 31 days on  one topic (Pass IT On!), I decided against doing one of the 22 days of Thankfulness.. at least on the blog.  I am going to join Vanessa on instagram and post a thankful picture daily.  It seems a little less daunting at this time... maybe it's because I'm in a house of sick kids and fighting it myself.. but i just don't have the energy!  So follow along on instagram  .. it's so fun if you aren't on there ;)   follow me... amielgriffin   and while you are there, follow Vanessa (craftyvanessa) as well and the rest of the 22 Thankful Days posters!  #22thankfuldays

here is my pic today...
these windows will never be clean.. I don't try to fight it :)
Today I am thankful for the Sunshine... both the warm sun shining in the late afternoon and the beautiful one she just drew with about a million rays extending from it's center.  (it's hard to see but her sun is just below her drawing hand).

Addison is truly my sunshine, my only sunshine ... on days of grey i am happy.

..............................................and then there are days when the storm hits.  :)