Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who would have thought? Not me!

This is Day 7 of Pass IT On!

Short little tid bit for you today..  I love nuggets like this!

Did you know Sears has a crazy good return policy??  We did not.. but we do now!

We purchased an outdoor patio set (non dining) to give us seating besides the table and to have a comfy place to enjoy those cool fall Saturdays watching football.  Ok, so i'm dreaming about the cool part her in Florida.. but seating was a must.  We liked what we got.. for a while, but then it became clear that it just wasn't what we wanted.  It had large gaps where the cushions (or Micah!) would slide through.  We were getting so frustrated with it that Matt even suggested we sell it on Craigs List and start over.  Then he found the receipt in a pile of receipts (which is kind of a miracle in the first place) and realized that it had a 90 day return policy.. satisfaction guaranteed. 

So Matt starts packing it up and declares he is taking it back... he's not satisfied.  I am thinking he is nuts because there is a small tear in a cushion and there is no way they will take it back.  Oh! and no sooner he gets it all loaded in his truck.. it starts pouring!!  Off he goes though.. Sears bound.

Well, I'm glad he didn't listen to me :)  The salesman at Sears said they will take it back .. they just needed a receipt and a reason.. even if that reason was, "We don't like it."  WELL!! Who would have thought! (not me).

This all worked out even better as i found us a new wicker set on craigs list.. much more the stile we wanted for super cheap.  We just need to get some cushions. 


Go Sears!

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