Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Bucket

Today is .. Day 22 of Pass IT On!

I am moving so slow on the fall decorating around here.  I still think I am missing some silk flowers.. the random things that can't be found after a PCS move!  I may find them stuffed in a bin full of kids clothes like i found a 4th of July wreath one year.. in October.  So random.

So as I am fretting over my poor organizational skills.. and indecisiveness in finding "the best" spot to store everything (does it really matter?...  I haven't found any of those flowers so I decided to use what little (and not so attractive) ones i found to give the house a hint of fall.

I have "the perfect" spot (above) for my Southern Living beverage bucket and stand (I knew I would someday have such a spot a few years ago when i hosted a party and ordered this as part of my hostess benefits! lol)  Its right in the hall when you walk in so it's a great place to share some seasonal decor.  I typically put flowers of the season in here anyway.. but it being so a wide and deep bucket I need a lot to make it full.  I have put flowers (fake) in vases and put the vases inside the bucket to help keep them bunched and full. But this time I wanted the pumpkins in there as well.. and to be seen they needed propped up...

Turn the vases upside down :)

Yay! This made it easy to arrange the big, medium, and small pumpkins.  I thought I could fill in with flowers around them, but the flowers kept falling down into the bucket.

Earth shattering idea #2... Plastic baggies!  I couldn't use floral foam even if I had it because the stems of these flowers have been cut short.. some other year I'm sure it was a good idea.  So basically I needed something to fill the bucket and hold up the flowers.  We all have a million Walmart bags right?  Add another use to them :)

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