Monday, October 22, 2012

Spray Paint Addiction

Today is:  Day 20 of Pass IT On!

Hi. My name is Amie. And I am addicted to Spray Paint Projects!  

It is so easy to change something you have already.. something you are ready to get rid of.. into something you love!  My new neighbor and friend, Cindy,  thinks I am crazy.. always spraying something some pretty color! In Nevada, one of my best friends, Jessie, gave me the nickname "crazy wreath lady" because last year around this time i was always working on one!  Though I love her endearing nick name.. i think Cindy will start calling me "crazy spray paint lady" here any day!

The color of choice Nickel.. in the brushed metallic line of Krylon spray paints.  HEART IT!

I have had these candle holders for a while now.. kind of over them.  I almost put them in the Goodwill stack.  And not that I am trying to be stingy to Goodwill... but I realized they had great shape to them and all they needed was a different surface to have a little more life to them!  .... Enter spray can above :)

Tip: Always try to set what ever you are spray painting (or brush painting) up off the drop cloth so you can cover all the way to the bottom.  ... Here cans of tomato paste and sauce set out for dinner worked great!

sooooo much better!

before and after

stay tune for a pic of where they ended up in my house!  
No offense to Goodwill.. but I'm glad I hung on to these.

So... What could YOU bring new life to through spray paint???


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