Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wraps to Clips.. easy!

Day 4 of Passing IT On!

Addie has been requesting "piggie tails" a lot lately.  She loves how long they are and how they shake all over.  Seeing as how my sister and I used to use baby blankets for "long hair", i can totally understand and support her "swingy hair".

Today was one of those fun mornings where she knew exactly what she wanted .. and i could not make it happen to her satisfaction.  Cute dress ... check.  Cute piggie tail ribbions... check.  BUT the ribbons were hurting her as i tried to wrap them around her piggie tails.  We have a few pony tail wraps from Gymboree.. none of which are easy to use in her hair.  Due to my lack of coffee at this time in the morning, i was not at all willing to listen to whining or arguing.  So i did what any caffeine deprived DIYer would do.. I got out the glue gun, scissors, ribbon, and 2 alligator clips (though it's still horridly unorganized.. i love having a place for craft stuff under the stairs in a closet!).

I snipped the pony tail holder off the ribbons. Then cut a short piece of ribbon that would fit inside the alligator clip.  It doesn't really have to match.. you won't see it.

Put the ribbon piece in the alligator clip and put a strip of hot glue on it.  Then lay it on the back of the pony tail holder.  And... Poof!  Easy enough to make a caffeine starved mom and a tired princess .. Happy.

When it doesn't work for you... Make it! 

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