Monday, March 26, 2012

Egg Tree

Spring and Easter Time!

this idea came from my bulb tree i made at Christmas time using a wine bottle
(why is everything underlined?? no clue.)

you will need:
a wine bottle (good excuse to have a girls night!)
plastic eggs
Easter grass
glue & brush
glue gun

I started by brushing the Mod Podge on the wine bottle and then clumping the grass on top.
brand new bottle.. love it!
Work in small sections. Be liberal with the glue.
Clump it. Smush it. Pat it on there.

I let it dry over night.
I did some touch ups by filling in where there were some holes before putting the eggs on.
I used the glue gun to go this.
I also added some grass at the very top of the bottle.
I found these small areas were easy to do with the glue gun instead of trying to brush it on.

I used the glue gun to attach the eggs.
I like the pearly looking colors.
and Easy!


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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

it's messy

I AM feeling so sad today.

it's micah. i don't want him to turn ONE! i'm having a hard time knowing my baby boy is soon going to be toddling around. and before long we'll be able to know what he is trying to tell us instead of his cute jibberish.

maybe i'm sad that before too long.. he'll be a "big kid" and do big kid things. he already follows his big sister and brother around and laughs like crazy at them. soon he will be one of them... and not the baby.

for now though i should focus on .. he's not there yet :) this proves it -

i usually don't give him the spoon...

there is a good reason for that...


he's the third kid.. i'm passed the mess...

ohhhhh but he's Cute!

maybe a little mess is ok..

yep. he's cute.

my cute mess.

Monday, March 19, 2012

march mantle

i realized i never shared my March Mantle ... it's not really flashy, just some green :)

i love my little blue pin flower! it was so easy.
can't remember where i got this printable from, it's been months ago. sorry!

i added a family collage and the cute little shamrock printable... my bad! i don't remember where i got that from. sorry.

i took a plain white G that i have and wrapped it with the same yarn i used for my st. patty's wreath.

love the lines!

added a little st. patrick's flair

i will probably just take this and the shamrock down and leave the rest up for the rest of march.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

"ShamLEAF on St. PatCHICKS Day"

shamleaf... that's what addie thinks shamrocks should be called. she said "sham ROCK... that makes no sense. it's a leaf." well she's got a point, right? of course she is also celebrating "St. PatChicks Day" as well... so.... :)

A few years ago i started having a little fun with Garrett on St. Patrick's Day.. it was a huge hit.
Green pasta. Green applesauce. Green in the potty! Green footprints ... it's just fun.

this year i got them good!

sneaky little leprechaun....

(at least he put a town down..)

they started to wake up a little...

so i had to spray a paper towel and wipe it
over their heads. hehe..

tricky tricky!

the evidence i found.... :)

we heard them coming downstairs this morning... laughing at each other. it was funny!

G said "i think a leprechaun did this to us."

A said "i know. and i do NOT like it. i have green in my hair!"

she kept it for the day :)

i got these cute shirts yesterday at Carters for $2.99!

just loved this.. walking in to school holding hands

G brought a bag of pennies. He's determined to catch a leprechaun. He wanted to use "sticky mouse traps"!! i told him they have chalky stuff on the bottom of their feet so they wont stick..

which led me to what will be all over the floor in the morning...

chalky leprechaun footprints!

wet your finger a bit and rub some green sidewalk chalk on it. then make it like a footprint. fun!

so don't clean your floors today... do it tomorrow after a little sneaky leprechaun leaves his mark!

happy st. patchick's day!!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

11,, not ready for 12 months

can you believe this boy is going to be ONE so soon??

i can't.

i won't.

i have to.

but i don't want to.

in true 3rd child fashion, i have neglected to sound off alarms with his new talents. but this little guy has been busy!

he says mama and dada TO us now..
his first words were "no no" and "all done"..
he loves trucks and cars..
he cruses around..
he bear crawls..
he stands for a few seconds..
he claps when hes' excited..
he has a loud "get some attention" noise..
he climbs- too well up 17 steps..
he has a hard time getting teeth, poor guy..
he only ate baby food until very recently- starting to try textures..
he loves cheerios..
he smiles- A Lot..
he giggles..
he sleeps on his belly..
he still smiles when he drifts to sleep..

he cracks up at his silly sister
he follows his big brother around- pushing trucks or just to be near
he melts daddy's heart when he comes home to "dada!"
he's mommy's baby

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

pin flowers

check out this cute little flower i saw on
Someday Crafts the other day. it was so cute i just had to make one.. and Addison helped :)

it added just the extra something my mantle for March needed.

it's not hard.. you probably have all the stuff.
a silk flower stem
small Styrofoam ball

*pull the flower off of a silk flower stem
*paint the styrofoam ball-
paint it what ever color speaks spring to you.. or in this case.. whatever color matches the pins you have :) Addie did a good job painting, don't you think?
*stick the pins in all over.. Addie had fun with this.. just a little guidance was needed.

presto.. flower.

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sparkly st. patty's spirit fingers!

it's no big secret... i love glitter!

Addie and i did some fun nails for st. patty's day..
with green nail polish (affectionately called "peanolish" by ms addie).

we did 2 coats and then... sprinkled with extra fine green glitter :) then a coat of clear.


they are also perfect Spirit Fingers *\o/*
to cheer on my OHIO Bobcats...
a cinderella team going to the NCAA tourney!
Go Ohio!!

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