Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Today is... Day 9 of Pass IT On!

Today Addie told me she now sits at table one instead of table 2.  I knew it meant one of two things.
     1. the teacher moved everyone around
     2. Addie was talking too much

Which one do you think we are going to assume here?

I need to find out the true story.. Addie tends to tell stories within her rendition of what goes on.. so I'm not sure.  It's either that she was talking too much at table 2 or that she was talking too loudly at table 2 (my money is on both) and so she was switched to table 1.  She told me that table 1 was the super quiet table and she was too loud at table 2 so her teacher moved her.  hummmmmm.... 

"So there would be one loud person at table 1?' I asked.  "Yes! ME!" she said proudly.

Obviously not quite getting it here, we just talked about obeying the important rule of not speaking when someone else is talking, especially the teacher.  I'll wait to find out what the real story is and revisit this accordingly :)   She didn't move her clip down... so I'm guessing it was not that big a deal.  ?

Hearing this story told loudly by ms Addie, I realized that she has been increasing in volume lately.  And she has been asking "what?" a lot.  She's had a lot of ear issues... her tubes are out though for now.  One of  her biggest issues is that she has a lot of ear wax build up (yuck!)  This is what's going on now... can't see her ear drum at all per the doctor.  The doctor didn't want to irrigate her ears... it's not tolerated well by adults or kids alike .. which means Addie would scream very very loudly.  So option B.

and here's the tip :)
The doctor told me to put a few drops of baby oil in her ears while she's sleeping.  This would soften the wax and help it to work out easier.  We haven't tried this before.  We've tried drops called "Debrox" and that worked.. sort of.  We've also done the ear candling... which is pretty cool if you ask me!  I'm thinking it's probably time to do that again.. maybe after a few nights of the baby oil.  Combine both remedies and hopefully that will get Addie quieter at table 1 :)

Now for talking too much.... as Garrett said one time looking exasperated,  "Does she EVER stop talking?"


  1. I hope you get her ears feeling better, but it cracks me up that she was proud to be the ONLY loud kid at Table One. What a sweetheart!

    1. LOL i know! she is so funny. and.. she really is loud!