Friday, October 12, 2012

creepy wreath

Today is Day 12 of Pass IT On!

You CAN make this wreath... 
creepy halloween wreeth

Even if you are not "crafty," you can do this one. Promise :) 
 Better still.. it requires very little time and few supplies. 

My friend, Sarah (who i am so excited to be living close to again! We met in NV and in very little time hit it off.. but then she had to move. boo. But we kept in touch often and pinned tons of stuff off each other on Pinterest.  We knew we would have fun crafting if we were stationed together again.. and whooo! We are!) anyway.. she found this on Pinterest.

It's kind of creepy..  I'm not usually a "halloween" decorator.. more Fall for me.  But.. it's kind of cool.  It's not overly scary or annoying.  Halloween with Class (?)  maybe?
Besides, my kind friend brought over all the stuff.. and she had NEVER made a wreath!  
How could I say NO?

Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures of the different phases.. but.. you can do it!

It's just a grapevine wreath.  Sarah brought over a bucket full of rubber snakes and other creatures and bugs. She's a cool mom to let her girls play with those.. my Boys are not because I know somehow I would be the one getting scared! But because they were pink, purple, blue and green.. I could sort through the bucket and pick some volunteers for my wreath.  We weaved the snakes through the vines, very easy.  We also stuck a few bugs.. spiders and beetles in there too.  And Sarah was even nice enough to make sure I had a frog... I HATE frogs!  (my rational is that maybe the frogs that hang out on my porch at night will see what happened to this guy and hop away!)

After all the weaving.. we spray painted it black.  We had to do it a few times because the bright colored snakes were a little hard to cover.  
DON'T Mess with ME Frogs!!!  LOL
After the black dried a bit, we sprayed just a tad of glitter... be careful! It comes out fast sometimes.. but it's an easy fix.. spray black over it :)  The glitter gave it sort of an old look to it.. almost like a spider web.

the glitter is hard to capture, but it looks really cool!

Try this wreath... if you DARE...

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