Friday, October 12, 2012

"no gifts" birthday gift

This is Day 11 of  Pass IT On!

Last weekend Addie had another birthday party for one of her new friends.  Her last gift for her friend was a big hit.. check it out hereThis time the invitation said specifically "no gifts please".  Since we don't know them well, I felt like I should honor the mom's request. (yes, you read that right.. if i know you well.. sorry! showing up with a gift for your kid! LOL).  But I still didn't want to show up with nothing.. and I knew Addie wouldn't have that.  So while Addie worked hard on another "most beautiful card", I made a few hair bows.  I figured we could just attach them to the card.. so still no a gift per say.. just a card :)

Hint:  The key is layering.  Use some ribbon of different prints and textures or some tule to add a layer between flowers.

A quick dimension: Fold one side of the ribbon over the other, keeping both right side up.  Put a dab of hot glue to hold it together.  Then add a dot of glue to the inner side and press together. 

Whimsical  Halloween Bow

We added the bows to the beautiful card Addie made.  

I was right.  She wasn't too happy about there not being a "wrapped present".  So she added inside the card what she thought the birthday girl would be wishing she would open.
"U WSHEN FOR A PRS" = "U wishing for a purse"  :)
kids... I can't make this stuff up!

Hope you are enjoying the Pass IT On series!!

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