Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pass It On!

a little out of order... this should be day one.. but i'm doing a little catch up :)

With encouragement and instruction on button making from my friend, christie, over at my walk with eden, i have decided to go ahead and jump into the 31 days.. on one topic challenge that is hosted by a great blog,  nesting placeif you would like to find out more about the idea behind the challenge, click here:  31 days.

I saw Christine's post today and i commented on face book that i had wanted to do the challenge.. but missed out yesterday so i figured it was too late.  She wrote back so quickly, which i loved.. like we were having a conversation, and said that i could still link up and i should do it.  I kind of needed that push :)  oh but then there was the "button making" thing that i had no idea how to do.. i am quite "dumb" about anything but the very basics on blogging.  But she gave me some easy instructions and really in not much time.. I Did It!  I believe i wrote back to her "I am fully ignoring my kids.. but i have a button!"  classic.

so here's my button for the link party...
sorry, you can't click on it... i don't know how to do that yet!
cute though, right? 

So what is Pass It On ?  It is something i have been thinking about lately.. well, really for a long time.  A way to share those:  Great ideas. Make life easy Tips. DIY. ... really it could be anything.  Anything that is worth sharing and passing on to a friend :)  There is so much out there for us to look up, research, or try out.. it's really overwhelming to me and i don't have time for that.  I really appreciate little tips, suggestions, and advice that i get from people i interact with daily.. even if it is though face book or blogging!  It's that connection of knowing someone you trust suggested an idea for you to think about, check out, or dump if you want!  It makes me feel better about it.  Anyone with me?

So i'm going to try this 31 day project and see what happens.  I hope something i share.. as little as some of the tips can be.. helps you somehow in your day :)  Blessings!

if you missed "day two" post... you know b/c it came before day 1...  check it out :)  DAY 2


  1. 3 things:
    1. LOVE that you are doing this because you have so many awesome things to pass on!
    2. LOVE that you and Christie are chatting it up and have become buds.
    3. WAY TO GO on the button. That's something I've never done but have been wanting to do for 5 on Friday. You will have to share your new insights!