Wednesday, October 31, 2012

day 31

Today is: Day 31 of Pass IT On!

I'm glad I took this 31 days of writing on one topic challenge.  It has been fun... coming up with things I think are worth passing on.  Things crafty, helpful, informative, or just interesting.  It has been surprising.. surprising in that there really is something every day that can be shared!  and It has been rewarding.. I have had some really kind comments, and for that I am very appreciative!

Thanks for reading!  I am Passing On my gratitude :)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Easy Go To Dinner

Today is: Day 30 of Pass IT On!

Easy Dinners.  Who doesn't like that?

This is one of my Go To dinners. Why?  Well...
                                                                1. It is easy. 
                                                                2. Kids love it.  
                                                                3. I usually have all ingredients
                                                                4. It is easy

I got it from All Recipes.  I get their daily emails and quite often they end up as meals on our table.   They are usually easy with normal foods, and  kid approved.  :)  Win.

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Recipe


Original recipe makes 8 sandwiches Change Servings
  • 4 large skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • 2 tablespoons mustard
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 cup maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 dashes hot pepper sauce, or to taste (optional)  
  • I don't measure all the ingredients per-say... but using this outline.. it always turns out good!                                                                                                                                                                                You may want to have it ready for before or after Trick Or Treat :)                                                     

Speak a note

Today is: Day 29 of Pass IT On!

I am forgetful.  Very forgetful.  I have tried about every different way of remembering to do things that there is.  But still I find, nothing beats writing it down.  Making a list.  Crossing it off!! It is a great feeling.  Yes, I confess to having many lists going at one time.  Lists of lists.  Consolidating lists.  It's probably a clinical diagnosis.  I have little note pads (the kind you get in the dollar bins at Target and Micheal's) stashed all over. And Post-Its!  Well I love them!! (I was slightly obsessed with Post-Its in college.. especially during exam time.  They kept me sane, but they may have slightly annoyed my roommates... ;)

One of my biggest annoyances is when I think of something I need to do, remember, or worse.. a really good idea and I can't write it down.  Because 99.9% of the time... that thought is lost.  This happens a lot when I'm driving.  I can do some good thinking then, provided my passengers are happily entertained with a movie (don't judge).   So someone told me what they do in situations like this... and I instantly wanted to yell, "why didn't i think of that?!  duh!!"   and because information like this is not earth shattering , but may be life altering... I'm Passing IT On!

Cell phone.  Use it. 
There are plenty of recording apps and some that are specifically for lists.  I have been using Evernote on my android phone.  It is great in that i can record a message (a yellow post-it, if you will) and it is stored right on my home screen.  It's been working really well ...when I remember to check the note!  LOL..

Just a little tidbit for ya.. try it out and take a load off your mind! 

.... now I just need something to help with those great lists I make in the shower.  dry erase marker!?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Spray Paint Squaring Off

Today Is: Day 28 of Pass IT On!

I have been enjoying some spray painting lately .. it is just fun (and addicting) to change the look of something old and make it new again! 

Since it is a rather new hobby of mine, I was a little unsure of which brand I wanted to use as a Go To brand.  So I put two of them to the test.  Since moving into our home, we have spent a lot of time (and Money!) at Lowe's.  So not surprisingly, during some of our many trips... I have come home with a can or two of spray paint ;)

On the few projects that I had done in the past, I always used Valspar (the Lowe's brand).  They have an amazing selection that seems to just keep getting bigger with more and more colors!  Seasonal ones too!

Can you tell which way I'm casting my vote here yet?

I used the Rustoleum Universal on a small table that was painted black.  And I wanted white.  I had read somewhere that this paint worked really well on such a project.  Well... The paint kept beading up (humidity doesn't help but I did try to do it on days when it was low).  It would pull together and streak.  After letting it dry really well, I decided to try the Valspar over it before starting over and sanding it down.  Yay!  It worked!  The Valspar covered all the streaks and it dried a nice smooth surface.  *Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the paint pulling and streaking.  :(   But here's what it started out looking like:
Yes, I am totally aware of the frog looking thing.. I would not have been snapping a pic if it was a frog! It is steel wool.
And here's the after..

It is part of a Make Over Experience going on in Addison's room.  Love the fun knobs she picked out at Hobby Lobby.  "ballet pink"  her signature color.   Which is the name of the Valspar Spray I used on this little table for her room... (I will show more of the vanity in a later post)
Vanity Table
 Finally, here is a cute Lowe's shopper..

**I am not in anyway paid by Lowes.. I WISH!  We sure pay them enough! These are just my opinions on a few cans of spray paint.  Obviously not an exhaustive study.. but it was Fun!!  Totally what creating in your home should be. FUN.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Candy Corn

Today Is: Day 27 of Pass IT On!

Today I am sharing, or more accurately "resharing", a little project I made last year for the teachers for Halloween Party day.  Very easy and Cute :)

aren't they cute? easy too.

i made them for the teachers for a little halloween gift. they deserve something for putting up the sugar high kids ... and sugar let down kids the next day.

it's just a Styrofoam ball painted yellow. hot glue candy corn. put it on a halloween pencil. stick it in a jar filled with candy.. or like i did here... a formula can and wrap a dish towel around.

Friday, October 26, 2012

TRX legit

This is Day 26 of : Pass IT On!

Oh Wow!!  I cannot move.

3 letters.. TRX.

According to, TRX stands for “Total Body Resistance Exercise,” it is a piece of equipment that consists of 2 nylon straps, handles and foot cradles.  It can be suspended from any sturdy beam, can support up to 350lbs and can weighs less than 2lbs.  A plethora of functional, full body movements can be exicuted on the TRX, providing a workout that is challenging, safe and functional for all fitness levels.

Basically, it is crazy hard. A workout that kicks butt.  It's all based on lifting your own body weight while hanging on to straps from above. I thought I was going to die... or fall on the floor!

My muscles are sore.  My ego is bruised.  I'll probably try it again.
photo from

Passing IT On!!  Go try it at a gym near you!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Mantel (or mantel like..)

Today is: Day 25 of Pass IT On!

I am enjoying everything about our new home so much.  Everything.. but one thing.  NO Mantel.  I actually had never had a mantel until our last home, in Nevada.  And with the cold winter months in full gear I challenged myself to change it at least monthly.  Loved it.  A friend once told me "I don't think I have ever come to your house with your mantel looking exactly the same as the last time I was here."  Ultimate compliment!!   So I am not sure how I over looked  the fact that this house doesn't have a fireplace.. and thus no mantel.  In fact, I swore it did!  After we got back to Nevada from our house hunting trip to Florida we were out to eat with some friends and we were telling them about the house.  It was there that I learned we in fact, did not have a mantel.  It was quite traumatic for me.. and knowing me so well, my friend Jessie realized immediately this was going to be a moment to remember.  She whipped out her phone and took a series of pictures of my facial expressions as I realized I was going to be "mantelless".  (oh i wish i had those pics now.. funny!)  I believe I took a long sip of my margarita .... sigh.

Fast forward to today in said no mantel home.  Luckily (?) for me we needed a new entertainment center for the tv and knowing my desire for a central decor spot.. my husband found the perfect one.  Drawers for some storage under the tv and above is a mantel replacement.  There.. happy wife.. happy life ;)  lol.

So for fall I was ready to make something fun and colorful (the entertainment center is white and the wall behind it is still the boring light beige .. and it is driving me crazy!).  I'm happy to say I think I accomplished my goal.   I sometimes find my self looking at it instead of the tv!!

fall mantel

These pumpkins were so easy and turned out really great.

***Mod Podge Alert!!!  It's so fun :)
I had some fallish fabrics that i wanted to do something with.  So I went to the Dollar Tree to find some really cheap hideous pumpkins.   I didn't want to use real ones in case they turned out fabulous so I could save them.  And if they weren't a hit, at least I didn't pay a lot for them.  Check out these bright things!
I took my fabric and cut it into strips that would fit from stem to bottom of the really ugly pumpkins. Then I brushed on the Mod Podge.  That's it.  Totally simple After it dried I filled in a few spots and painted the stems brown.
The Autumn Blessings was a gift from a sweet friend... it made me smile.
 And How Bout Those CUTE OWLS?!
 Another Total dollar store find.. transformed!  I knew the kids would like to paint them.
Cute Owls and added a glittered curly thing (technical craft term) to the pumpkin
 So these little friends started out maybe more hideous than the sad pumpkins... but lucky for them, I saw something more.  I buffed them with a sander so the paint would adhere better and buffed them again after they were dry to dull them.

Here's something funny.. last night I was checking out some links to the craft parties where I linked my Halloween Mesh wreath
and i stumbled upon another cute little owl!  Great minds think alike...check out Katie's cute little green owl at The Crafty Blog Stalker

Love that it's finally looking a little like fall here.. even if my mums aren't taking the heat so well out front :(

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

tanks in oct..

Today is Day 24 of Pass IT On!

I am still wearing tank tops here in Jacksonville :)  Part of me likes it.. but there's a big part that misses long sleeves ... and come December there will be a really big part that will miss sweaters.  But that's neither here nor there.  The point is I still wear tanks (though recently I've worn jeans a few times!) 

Do you hate the low scoop of some tank tops?  oh my.. i hate it!  I'm constantly bending over picking up kids and messes from them  that i feel like I'm always readjusting. ;)  I was talking about this with a friend the other day and I told her my little trick.. she liked it!  So i thought maybe you would as well :)

When I layer, I turn the bottom one backwards.  That's it.  Nothing earth shattering here.. but a good TIP none the less :)

Now, I do not claim to be a fashion expert.  And I didn't run this by my fashion bloggin friend, Mollie (check her out!)  but i still think it's a win.

the other day Addie was taking pictures outside with my phone and .. here is what she did :)

see the tanks :)

she is so artistic! lol

I love this sweet unique girlie!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Mesh Wreath

Today Is: Day 23 of Pass IT On!

I am so excited about how this Halloween wreath turned out!!!  I am so glad I already have a Halloween "Creepy Wreath" on the front door, because I want to look at this one!

the color is so terrible in this picture.. it's really so bright and sparkly!

I keep seeing Mesh decor on Pinterest... LOVE it!  This is my first attempt at using it, and truthfully I thought it would be a little easier to work with.  I thought it would be more like working with wired ribbon, but there is definitely no wire in this.. thus no "stay put" factor.  So the biggest trick is to master (?) attaching the mesh to the wire frame.  ***It got much easier as I worked.

A few supplies:  A wire wreath formCraft wire to attach. Mesh of your choice.  I chose three colors and looped each color around the wreath form one time, but you could get the same effect with a single color too just by looping it around a few times.  (oh, I got the Mesh at Hobby Lobby.. they have a lot of colors and run specials on it often.  I need to head there for Christmas colors....)

*Start with your first color and attach it to the wreath form using the wire (just scrunch it up and wrap the wire and twist it to tighten.)  Then start making loops around the wreath, attaching with the wire.  I found it worked best to alternate the bar that i used.  I started on the inside, and worked up and then back down so spread the purple through out.

 *Remember, the smaller your loops.. the longer it will take :) 
loop and attach
 *Then repeat using the 2nd color (or make second trip around wreath with the same color).  Try to work it in between the first color.  The good thing about the wire is you can pin it down where ever you want!

loop example

wire example

*Working the 3rd color in really helped to achieve the fullness I wanted.

 *I added a cute little ghost.. make sure it it light weight if you are going to attach it to the mesh, otherwise you would need to attach it with wire.  Then i tied a purple ribbon to the wreath form and added the BOO letters to hang.  I just love it!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Bucket

Today is .. Day 22 of Pass IT On!

I am moving so slow on the fall decorating around here.  I still think I am missing some silk flowers.. the random things that can't be found after a PCS move!  I may find them stuffed in a bin full of kids clothes like i found a 4th of July wreath one year.. in October.  So random.

So as I am fretting over my poor organizational skills.. and indecisiveness in finding "the best" spot to store everything (does it really matter?...  I haven't found any of those flowers so I decided to use what little (and not so attractive) ones i found to give the house a hint of fall.

I have "the perfect" spot (above) for my Southern Living beverage bucket and stand (I knew I would someday have such a spot a few years ago when i hosted a party and ordered this as part of my hostess benefits! lol)  Its right in the hall when you walk in so it's a great place to share some seasonal decor.  I typically put flowers of the season in here anyway.. but it being so a wide and deep bucket I need a lot to make it full.  I have put flowers (fake) in vases and put the vases inside the bucket to help keep them bunched and full. But this time I wanted the pumpkins in there as well.. and to be seen they needed propped up...

Turn the vases upside down :)

Yay! This made it easy to arrange the big, medium, and small pumpkins.  I thought I could fill in with flowers around them, but the flowers kept falling down into the bucket.

Earth shattering idea #2... Plastic baggies!  I couldn't use floral foam even if I had it because the stems of these flowers have been cut short.. some other year I'm sure it was a good idea.  So basically I needed something to fill the bucket and hold up the flowers.  We all have a million Walmart bags right?  Add another use to them :)

My corner of fall

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Spray Paint Addiction

Today is:  Day 20 of Pass IT On!

Hi. My name is Amie. And I am addicted to Spray Paint Projects!  

It is so easy to change something you have already.. something you are ready to get rid of.. into something you love!  My new neighbor and friend, Cindy,  thinks I am crazy.. always spraying something some pretty color! In Nevada, one of my best friends, Jessie, gave me the nickname "crazy wreath lady" because last year around this time i was always working on one!  Though I love her endearing nick name.. i think Cindy will start calling me "crazy spray paint lady" here any day!

The color of choice Nickel.. in the brushed metallic line of Krylon spray paints.  HEART IT!

I have had these candle holders for a while now.. kind of over them.  I almost put them in the Goodwill stack.  And not that I am trying to be stingy to Goodwill... but I realized they had great shape to them and all they needed was a different surface to have a little more life to them!  .... Enter spray can above :)

Tip: Always try to set what ever you are spray painting (or brush painting) up off the drop cloth so you can cover all the way to the bottom.  ... Here cans of tomato paste and sauce set out for dinner worked great!

sooooo much better!

before and after

stay tune for a pic of where they ended up in my house!  
No offense to Goodwill.. but I'm glad I hung on to these.

So... What could YOU bring new life to through spray paint???