Monday, July 30, 2012

I will do that...

Olympic fever is high with us.. watching prime time and tuning in at times during the day.  My phone ringer is even singing me that glorious theme song!

The kids have endless questions about the sports, the scores, the medals, and the teams. Addison decided there should be a purple team... hummm wouldn't they have to add a ring for that? ;)

I've realized there are some real teaching moments within these conversations .. today it was about building each other up.  Addie said that she wants to be a "gymnasticer" when she grows up. She was watching the gymnast on the tv flip on the beam. She looked impressed and then stated "I will do that." 

Earlier in the day Garrett was "air swimming" during a race.. he then said "Mom, I think I will do swimming in the Olympics."  I of course told him i would be there watching (even though I know my heart couldn't handle that.. )

So at this point both kids that can talk have declared themselves top athletes, bound for the Olympics. 

Addie started doing her tricks and started crying because she can only do cart wheels and rolls.. not the tricks she was watching. Garrett then told her she couldn't do tricks like that.. to which Addie said "I will do that." And again,G told her it wasn't going to happen. 
{Enter teachable moment}

At that point they got an earful about telling someone that they cannot do something.. and how if you hear it enough - well you know. 

My point is.. it was a good life lesson. And a chance to show them that cheering for each other takes everyone further than contradicting a dream or goal.  Pointing out how the athletes cheer for each other even when competing is easy.. so take the next two weeks to pick out some teachable moments and really cheer for each other.  *\o/*

Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up.
~ romans 15:2

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