Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Travel Clip Board Cases

I was going to get the kids some cute travel cases with a clip board lid... hand painted all cute... but then my DIY mind took over and said "do it yourself!" (what else did you think a DIY mind would say?!)

I got the bins at Target... they are great because they are squat yet fit papers with out bending. Good for little laps that need to be creative during a long car ride across the country!

I had clip boards already that I had inherited a while back.  I used a few for teacher gifts when i made the Chalkboard Clipboards.  Happy to use a few more!

I got patterned Duct Tape.. been wanting to try it!

oh and i used my new Exacto knife with a swivel blade.. love it!  (it's just a cheapie but works!)

These are so easy and take no time!!  Make one before your next summer trip :)

Garrett's finished Clip Board Case
I stretched the Duct Tape from one side of the lid to the other.  Be sure to press down into the groves of the lid and along side of the clip board.  Trim at end.
For the extra space on the top at each side of the clip,  I laid the tape down and used the Exacto Knife to trim around.

I did Addie's first.. and i laid the tape vertically.  I noticed it started to bubble up in the middle.  So when I did Garrett's I laid the tape horizontally and creased it into the grove and up and around the edge of the lid.  I think that way works best.. so I suggest that :)  

Car Ride.. Here We Come!!
(oh yeah, I'm convinced these will prevent all "are we there yet?" questions.  NOT!)

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  1. I made travel art kits this week too! (I used Stacy's DVD tutorial) Your clipboard idea is great. I hope it occupies your kids all the way to FL :) Can't wait to hear about the move. Good luck!