Friday, July 20, 2012

Travel.. take 5

Crossed over into Missouri after our restful night in Topeka .. said with some sarcasm.   Micah fell asleep and when we arrived at the hotel.. he woke Up!  He happily entertained us until 1am.  ... Actually, I just cant complain. They all have done so well on the trip.. and poor little dude stuck turned backwards in a carseat listening to Garrett read us facts about the St Lewis arch or the state ir Ohio. .... so a late start to the car was welcomed.

When we crossed the MO state line I texted my friend Stacia... mom of G's kdg bf .. Lucy.  Jokingly I asked if they were close to highway 70 at all as I knew they were visiting the state. Of the entire state of MO they were only 45 min away! And for military friends with a chance to meet up... that is so not far! So Stacia loaded 3 of her 4 kids into the van.. told us what Mcdonalds to meet them at and we had a plan!!

We surprised Garrett who was completely shocked to see his friends. They chatted non stop and they all enjoyed a humid time on the play ground. The sweating was well worth it.  No one wanted to go.. but promises of seeing them soon in Jax made it better.  Thank you so much Kemna family for meeting us... love you and see you soon!

Back in the car we went... but not too far. We had a destination of St Lewis... and a date with an arch and museum in the morning!!

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