Friday, July 27, 2012

travel ... let's take a break

catching up a little on our trip diary...

Hanging out in Indy was one word.. FUN!!
Upon waking the kids paired off again... girls against and boys.  Girls dawned tutus at a tea party while the boys had serious conversations about collecting coins, the arch, and beyblades.... very serious topics.


Next we were "Party rockin in the house tonight... everybody have a good time!"   Seriously these kid were crazy..Dance Party Central!!   It was a great mornig and we stayed in our pjs till after noon.

Let me mention that having 6 kids in one house was of course loud... but also a perfect chance for Matt and I to catch up with our long time friend.  The kids played so well together and kept themselves busy .. we actually had our own time!

Aub took me around their town of Carmel, IN... which has a very cute downtown area.  We did a little brousing ..all the while with a non-stop dialoug of catching up on everything from our latest pins on pinerest to how hard it was to say good bye to friends in NV. It felt so good to sit down and have a real conversation - face to face.  Our luck with living near eah other coldn't have been worse.  No sooner did we get stationed out in San Diego from Maine, they moved from Long Beach (would have been 2 hours away) to Chico in northern CA.   then when we moved up to northern NV (would have been a few house away) we missed them by a month as they moved to Indy.  Can you believe that?  man ... seeing it in writing makes me think they were fleeing us!! LOL.

We went to a cute cupcakery and had the most delicious cupcakes ever! Adds sweetness to the memories!

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