Monday, July 23, 2012

Travel take 6

After a relaxing evening of Panera (yay!!) & some night time swimming we were off to the St. Lewis "Gateway Arch".  Matt and I chatted on our way about how we were here 5 and a half years ago.. with Garrett just a little older than Micah.. crazy.  This time Garrett was soaking up the museum of Westward Expansion just as fast as he could.  He was especially interested in the peace coins that were traded when signing treaties.  Addie liked looking at all the displays.  Micah pointed at every animal and said "dooowg".  It was nice and cool in there.. so I was happy. (Can I just interject that the humidity is going to be so hard to get used to again. I have not missed it.)
Garrett is really not fond of heights .. so I wasn't too surprised when he didn't want to go up in the arch. So we checked out the gift store... turning. 51¢ (x2) into two flat pennies pressed with the arch.  Garrett also chose to buy a mini arch .. complete with facts and Addie chose a "wand" (a pencil with a large arch earaser).
It was a Fun morning!!
Then back into the car for a rather short, in comparison, drive.  A destination of Indianapolis was next. G wrote more in his journal.. citing the large white cross we passed and the baseball and football stadiums to a growing list.
We arrived at Aubrey... my bff's... home and settled right into immediate fun. Boys went into her son Mason's room and girls went into her twins room. Addie fit herself in as the *blonde* triplet. She raided Kiah and Theia's closet.. sharing even pj's! The big boys went to work on boy things like building a fort and comparing rare coins... oh and spying on the girls! They were busy :) Which meant WE could talk.. real face to face catching up!!
So happy.

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