Saturday, August 4, 2012

Christmas in July Birthday!

July 30, 2012 ....  Addison Lynn is 5 years old!!
look out kindergarten.. here she comes!

Addie had been planning her "Ohio birthday" for a while.. which consisted of us all being mermaids and having cake with pink icing and strawberries ... Under Water!  So I had not figured out a way to make that happen and I was feeling some major guilt because none of her little friends would be her to celebrate.  ..... Addison however, was not experiencing any of these anxiety filled emotions.  She was ready to turn 5 and to party!!  She changed her mind and decided she wanted to have a Christmas Birthday Party.  I have no clue where she came up with that .. but .. it worked! 
Christmas Birthday in July!

let me just say that this was actually a really great idea.  It was a theme where we had everything already .. so it was so inexpensive.  Everybody got into it.  My sister was visiting and she and my mom drug out a lot of Christmas decor and out did themselves putting it about the outside of the house.  The Christmas flag was hung, garland and a wreath on the front door.. Festive!  The back porch and deck had a few trees, lights, carols... and a birthday banner above a tree waiting for presents! & yes, the presents appeared with Christmas paper.
Addie was very very happy.
"A Christmas Birthday party is the most beautiful party ever." -addison

The guilt I was feeling about her not having friends was erased when we went to pick out some goodies for the party.  It was clear she was having fun and that was all that mattered.  We picked out some red plates and napkins.. and a butterfly pinata (she said that was ok since there were no Christmas ones. lol.)  We got her a big chocolate chip cookie cake, carrots, grapes, and pizza... what a menu she planned! 

Addie and I had a date at Panera together for lunch.  What a sweet time with my girl. 

 It was hard to sit across the table and see a 5 year old girl... and not a little babe any more.  She's growing up.  I pray that she's fed with things to make her grow into a beautiful woman someday.. physically, mentally, and spiritually.   I pray for wisdom to be an example for her to follow and look up to.  I pray for grace for the times I am way less than what I desire for her.  I pray for her energetic spirit and her enthusiastic smile to touch many others.  I am proud of her.  and I love my little princess with all that I am.

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