Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boxes and Boxes of Life

This is the view from my computer right now....

I am actually Relaxing for the first time in a few days.  Pretty much what I can do for the move.. at this point.. is done.  I like that.  We have moved 6 times already... I have no need to worry that my job is over.  i Know what is waiting for me on the other end!  :)

Seeing all these boxes used to stress me out. I used to worry so much about something getting broken.  Now I just sort of hope it doesn't .. and expect that it will.  Of course I hope it's nothing of great value or worse something sentimental... but really, it is out of my control.  and If it can be packed in a box.. ultimately it's just not that important.

I am so glad that my sense of worth is not linked to what can be packed into boxes.  or how nice the stuff in the box is.  I like nice things as much as the next person.. but when you are sitting here looking at your "life" in boxes, you realize it's not your "life" at all.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and three little ones for us to love and raise together.  And those are the things that cannot be boxed up.  (not to say i haven't thought of shipping myself to avoid the long car ride..hehehe!) 

That being said... there are some things Inside those boxes that just really really mean a lot.  They are things that need to be taken from place to place.  From home to home.  They make things feel normal, good, and safe.  If you have a child who has a special blanket or animal to sleep with.. you know what i mean!  In our case it's "Bubby".  And I'm willing to bet you too would open 10 boxes in a little boy's room to find said "bubby".  Yep .. last night going to sleep we couldn't find Garrett's bubby (it's a bunny from Bunnies By The Bay and when G was little, he couldn't say bunny.. so it's been Bubby ever since.. even for Addie and now Micah asks for "bu-buh").  Yes, Garrett is almost 8... and maybe he shouldn't have Bubby any more... but really, it's not hurting anything. He only sleeps with it.  And it's a constant for him.  I'm ok with it.

There we were Opening 10 boxes in Garrett's room.  Let's just say I was a little jealous that I had opened 9 and Matt walked in and opened 1... and scored!   But I was sure relieved that we found Bubby.  We taped up the boxes.... shhhhhh.. Don't tell the movers.... they can think they successfully packed up our "life".
Bubby 1. 2. and 3.


  1. Oh my gosh Amie I just realized you are leaving Friday! I have to come say good-bye! I also have your color wheel and Addies pink horse! I'm so sorry, I got all caught up in packing and moving!

  2. Oh, this is sweet. I love the photos of these bubbies all lined up. Best to you as you transition.

    1. thanks D! i think we just commented on each other's blogs at the same time.. i was just visiting you :)