Friday, July 6, 2012

Firecrackers & Friends

I Love the 4th of July!!  
This year we spent it with our friends, the Stangers, that have become extended family in Lake Tahoe.  Not a bad place for the 4th :)   It was awesome.  So relaxing. We spent the entire day on the beach watching the kids have a blast!  The water is way too cold for my liking but the breeze kept us cool and the sun was hot!  The kids braved the lake, the pool, the hot tub, and a boat ride!  Snacking and sipping cold drinks was the extent of "work" for us... and we were all just fine with that!  We had a delicious American meal and headed back to the beach for the fireworks.. which did Not disappoint.  A great display!

A nostalgic day .. loved hearing Addison refer to it as "America Day" while waving her flag in her "American babing suit" (no that's not a typo).  But a twinge of sadness crept up often .. though successfully suppressed for now.  I can't bear to think about saying good bye to my dear friend Jessica and her lovely family.  So it's hard not to think about it being "the last" or that we won't be able to do things like this in the near future.  We've agreed not to deal with it right now.. so i'll move on to cute pics of the kids!   and very uncharacteristic of me, I didn't take many pics :(  but here are a few faves.

Miss America

Cutest Patriot Award

Happy America Day!!!
Beautiful Lake Tahoe at sunset
Toes lookin festive!
Waiting for the fireworks.. with swimming eyes
joined by a friend..... sigh

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July as well!!!  Happy Birthday USA!