Sunday, July 15, 2012

Travel take 2

Long day of traveling.  Utah was beautiful.  I declared myself a tree hugger once again.  Must be the hippie OU in me ;)  Then we crossed into Wyoming. Uhhh.. sorry to the "Cowboy State" but I am not a fan.  Seeing a lot if antelope and buffalo was cool though. Garrett even wrote about it in his journal as something to remember. 

We crossed back over to the green again in Colorado.  Oh my... I just love Co!  I saw Denver earlier this spring and it was awesome.  This time we were in Fort Collins ... again,  maybe it's the hippie OU in me but I felt right at home in that little college town.  The downtown is so quaint and unique.  I'm thinking i should finally take Matt up on his GI bill and go back to school at CO State.  I could be a Ram fan!!

We had a great dinner. Stopped at a cupcakery. Listened to a band at an in town festival. ... great night!

Next up.. a "Vacation Day"  (no traveling!)

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