Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Travel take 4

Amber waves of grain.... go on and on.

That's Kansas in a nutshell.  Not a whole loot to look at from the highway.  Honestly, I was hoping for more windmills.

Since I couldn't click my ruby studded heels to be sent home (oh come on.. I had to have one Wizard of Oz reference).. we just drove and drove and drove. Kids did great. It is questionable if I would have made it had I not driven most if the day.

Garrett entertained himself by taking pictures of himself.

Even though Kansas was seemingly unending... it redeemed itself at one of the last exits... it was the site of the First Dunkin Doughnuts that we have seen!! We didn't need a heart or a brain... just caffeine!! The Griffins are finally running on Dunkin again! !


  1. I love this picture of Matt. He looks "ravenous" for some Double D.

  2. I'm loving your road trip saga, especially since we're all set to start out on our first road trip ever tomorrow morning. We don't have nearly as far to go as you do, but I'm soaking up the camaraderie! Hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly and happily on a caffeine high!