Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Travel take 3

We had a great day on day 3... no real travel progress.. but a fun family vacation day.  We decided to go to the Rocky Mt National Park since we had to forgo going up to Yellowstone, the Badlands, or Mt. Rushmore as they were all too far off the highway for our young travelers... pocket that for when they are older.  And judging by the way they enjoyed the one day they spent being "Rangers".. they will love that someday plan.


It was a beautiful day up in the Rockies.  Warm and sunny.. then a quick change to cloudy and rainy.. then back to sunny!

As we were driving up we stopped at one of those lookout points. Garrett was happy to see a grey jay through "benoculars" (he still calls them that). He also got to pet a chipmunk as it was scurrying away.  Getting back into the car,  Addie said "well. Hiking is over now." .. haha we had only walked from our car to the ridge a few feet away!

We traveled up to Ridge Path Road, the highest paved road in the US. We were over 12,000 ft high! Above the tree line.. where nothing but mossy stuff grows. The mountains were green and rolling up there.. which forced me to bust out with a fabulous rendition of "The hills are alive... with the sound of music...." (to which addie covered her ears). 

The huge rocks were fun for us all to climb. Addie was successful and proud. Garrett scaled them in sandals.  And Micah had no fear.  Sadly we didn't see any big horn sheep or elk as Matt had hoped ... but as Garrett recorded in his journal we saw a few butterflies, some flies, a bird, and a marmot chewing on the wood at the bathrooms.  Now really.. what's an elk when you see all that?!

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  1. It seems weird (and refreshing) to see you all in jackets! Colorado looks so clean and fresh. Glad you had a chance to stop.