Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little frustrated, I'd say

I'm going to cough up a confession right now...  Full blast, can't take it any more.. Frustration. With. Myself.

My house is so not ready for visitors. Visitors that are coming tomorrow.  My sister would be so mad if she knew am stressing like this. (Sorry Meg!) She's so laid back and not the type at All to judge if my house is cleaned and in order or if there are toys and piles throughout..  ahem.. the ladder.

Its a disappointment in myself. I wanted to have it ready for when she came.
That was the goal.

No, i didn't think it would be all organized and each room painted and decorated with all the Pinterest ideas i have... I'm not that delusional.  But a general neatness would be nice.
And folks, that is NOT what we have.

I should have organized the guest room last week.. it is kind of a catch all since its the loft and out of my daily sight.  Instead, I decided to paint the living room and laundry room.  I should have cleaned and organized Monday when the kids were off. Instead I decided to start painting Micah's room.. because it was going to be "easy".  Well... let's just say I upped the ante in there. It is going to be Great... at some point. 

So there we have it. My confession of the messiest house ever before guests arrive. I don't want to whine here... but ya know,  it's not all happy little crafts and cute kids here all the time. ;)

Can anyone identify?!?!?!? 
Thanks for listening (if you read to here.. you rock!) and hey, don't judge! Unless of course you have it all together all the time... then i invite you to throw stones... throw lots of stones! ;)

Ps... why did i take time to write this??  Well besides feeling much better... i multi-tasked and did it on my phone while rocking Micah!  Boom! Break out the caffeine.. (or wine?!)   It is cleaning time!!

going to attack the kitchen first!


  1. You rock Amie! Confession is good for the soul! :p I love that you are real! So was it caffeine our wine?

  2. You rock Amie! Confession is good for the soul! :p I love that you are real! So was it caffeine our wine?

  3. If it is any help to you, my kitchen has looked like that all week! Actually, 2 weeks! Busy Busy busy!

    1. Dina, I can only imagine 2 kids in older grades with all their stuff plus all Emma's. We have been crazy busy this week too.. and the short week didn't help. For some reason I like to schedule all appointments in clusters.. we don't have any for a long time .. then boom! so that added to the regular craziness. You saw my house, total work in progress. but I wouldn't trade those few hours we had together for any amount of cleaning!!

  4. The kitchen may not be perfection, but I'm sure it feels great to have paint on those walls! Count the triumphs, not the fall-backs. And, man, you have a whole brand new house to outfit. Give yourself at least a year to tackle all of the projects. I've been in my home for 16 months, and just two weeks ago we finally finished furnishing our extra living room. There. How's that for a pep talk? :)

    1. you are so right Danielle. I am So glad we finally got some paint on the walls! i've been waiting for this for years! I know i have an overwhelming amount of projects i want to do. and i have a very unrealistic time frame.. you know how it is. We know we will only be here for a Navy prescribed amount of time.. so i just want it the way i want it.. to enjoy it. oh... in a perfect world right? thank you for the pep talk.. made me smile & gain perspective.