Monday, January 7, 2013

Plans Changed

What is more fun than unpacking from a trip to two grandparents' houses at Christmas time (read "car full of spoiled grandchildren fun") ?? .... Adding to the mix one very sick little boy!  Ok so "fun" is not the correct word at all, but you catch my drift.  Poor Micah started feeling pretty crummy right before we left Ohio, where we visited family after Christmas for a week.  Actually I was hoping to post some fun pictures of our trip this weekend, but alas, plans changed.

Because when you have a sick kid... Everything changes.

Your heart just hurts and aches for them.  It's hard feeling helpless - to not be able to make it better.  It's even worse, I think, when they are so small and can't quite tell you what's hurting them. Micah managed to tell me "All done. All done ouch."...  In the most pathetic sounding voice you ever heard. It broke my heart.  The poor guy managed to tough it out through a 14 hour car ride over two days and I was so thankful for that.  I didn't want to stop somewhere along the way to pay a visit to the ER.
Trying to relax
resting in the hotel.. sad!

  I just wanted to make it to our home.  We did.. On Friday night.  So Saturday we paid a visit to a local ER.  Jacksonville friends... If you ever need to go to an urgent care might I suggest Crucial Care.    It is a fully staffed and equipped ER, without having to go to the ER.  It feels like a private doctor's office, not like a hospital.  The staff is so friendly and attentive. They even brought me a blanket and offered coffee or tea and water cold or room temp!! For a moment I thought I was at the spa! Lol.  Seriously though, I have had to take Micah there two times because he likes to need medical care on the weekends, and both times I have been very pleased with the care and service.

So my poor baby has tested positive for RSV, RSV pneumonia , plus had double ear infections and pink eye! Hot mess to say the least.  Breathing treatments have helped him and antibiotics have stopped him from pulling on his ears.  He's still a snot mess and just has that sick look to him. He is so sad and pathetic to look at.

I never got that run in outside like I was thinking about while in the below freezing temps in Ohio. But I did "run" to the store and pharmacy about 6 times.  I didn't get to unpack completely or take down my Christmas decorations.  But I did get to spend some extra time in comfy clothes and log some snuggle time that is rare for this fast moving boy. I didn't go to church today.  But God and I have talked a lot this weekend.

The start of my new year sure changed.  But, when you have a sick kid, everything changes.


  1. These are such saaaaad photos. I hope he's doing much better. You're doing a great job letting yourself slow down and pausing to just get this boy well.

  2. Thank you, D. He was miserable.. It was hard to feel so helpless. Praise God he is back to his silly self!