Friday, January 4, 2013

It was Christmas

Time escapes us when it is the Christmas season. Some time flies because we are enjoying time and fellowship with family and friends.  Some time flies because we are so busy getting ready for those times. Attempting to keep that balanced is hard for me.. actually doing it is even harder.

To be honest I have a difficult time during the holidays. Fuses are short and tempers ignite quickly, erupting into full blown fires that never really get put out completely.  The embers are hot the whole season long.. waiting to engulf a spark needed to flare up again.  Sometimes it is just easier to speed through, put the checks in the box, and wait for it to burn out.  But each year I join many well intentioned moms in saying "I'm going to enjoy this year and not get caught up in the craziness."  Honest... Did you say that?  Well, I can't say that there weren't times of getting caught up and or stressed out.. It happens. It just does.  And if you never had that happen to you this year... Wow!

I do think, however, that by just being aware of the way this time of year can affect me really helped.  Striving not for a "perfect holiday season", rather, an enjoyable one. A real one.  Taking with it the stress that is rushing to get gifts bought and wrapped in time,  but remembering to pray for the special person it is for while doing so instead of complaining about it helped keep my mind on the reason we celebrate. Trying to take things one day at a time, having small goals to accomplish, helped move me through all the To Dos.  Taking time for myself and working out we're also key... Even if I was going over lists in my head!

It was a fast month of preparation and decoration.  There have been Christmases in the past that have flown by and after I ask, "what just happened?" Only to realize... That was Christmas.   This year I didn't place specific expectations to leave me feeling let down.  I tried to just take it as it was.. And you know,,, it now answers the question with "it was Christmas!"


  1. Lilian says: "Addie is so tall now!"

    I love the archery. The base near our house has an archery range. It has always intrigued me. Go Garrett!

    1. I think G liked "Brave" more than Addie. He now is protectin our kingdom!