Friday, January 25, 2013

Germs Be Gone! (please)

A Gentle {and visual} Reminder

Are the Germs still hanging around your house?  Here, we are (dare I say) in a good place.  (ok, i am sure that will lead to some new bug nesting in our home.)  But hopefully with this little reminder I've set out.. we can keep those buggy friends at bay!

It is nothing special at all... but it has helped everyone to remember to 
1. Use a tissue (as opposed to a sleeve).
2. Throw it away (as opposed to laying it on the counter next to the box.. the same counter that happens to be just above the trash can.  Hmmm...)
3. Wash hands before resuming to all important activities.

Now, some of us have more trouble with certain numbers listed above than others... but I think the benefits are felt by all. 

it's the little things...

arrow for additional reminder of WHERE to "throw" .. just incase
see.. it even rhymes.. Addie practices a little reading, phonics, and cleanliness now with each (and there are many) Blow!

Happy Friday!!
I think I'm going to bring back "pass it on"... (the 1 a day  posts in october that i did).  Not every day.. but aren't the little tips that help you in your day your favorite??  
they are for me.

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