Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rustic January Front Porch

Trying to capture "winter" while it is 80 degrees is somewhat difficult.  After being in snowy Ohio though, I felt the need to continue it somewhat... it is after all, January.  I didn't have much of a plan for what I wanted to do on the front porch.. it just sort of evolved.  And I kind of like it! 

 It's natural.  It has a touch of Florida.  It has glitter.

There's those silver numbers again!

pinecones and greenery provided by our neighborhood :)

antler borrowed from Garrett :)

here's the glitter.. the first initial of our names :)
This is an old rug maker, of my great grandma's.  I just loved the texture and height here. :)
So yeah, January can be kind of blah in the decorating world.  But I really don't think this is "blah" at all.  It's inviting.. like, come on in and have a cup of coffee or tea (possibly iced...)!

side note... my accomplice on the gathering walks fell asleep on the job! 
 LOL, I gathered these last week when Micah started feeling better and wanted to be outside.  So on one of these walks I decided how to "dress my porch for January".. then on another walk I brought some clippers and did the neighborhood pruning.  Let's just say the construction guys on our street think I am NUTS! (notice the pallet boxes in the pictures.. they know it's me!)

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  1. Love it! Man, you are super crafty! Its been really warm here in TN as well until it snowed yesterday and everyone panicked ;)