Monday, January 21, 2013


enough said.
Garrett learned to play chess two weeks ago.  He taught me this week.  He used grown up statements like, "the thing about chess is..." while explaining to me.  He knew my moves before I did and told me when 'he wouldn't do that'...   i felt like 8 year old.

Addison got a trim this weekend.  About 3 and a half inches came off her blonde locks.  She's still as cute as ever, but in complete girl fashion.. she changed her mind about cutting it up to her chin and donating her pony tail when we arrived.  Addie is not a "pull on the heart stings" type girl... she's 5. 

Enjoying the game this week.  a little chilly at 8:30 am!

Addie loves to spend time in her room now.. big girl bed, books, and the ipad.  why not?!

How cuddly precious is this?!

My boys.  sooooooooooo sweet.

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