Saturday, January 12, 2013

Steelers Sunday

While we were in Ohio a bunch of us cashed in on a great Christmas present... tickets to a Steelers game!! (To be fair a few Griffin boys considered them tickets to a Browns game... poor souls.)  Garrett was SO excited!! I was too... though a little nervous about the 20 something temps... I've become a Florida girl ya know!
It was so fun to spend the day with "the guys".. Matt, Garrett, my dad, Matt's dad, and his brother.  We were evenly divided: team Steelers- my dad, garrett, and me. The Griffin boys made up the losing team.. oops I mean team Browns.  Personally I am glad to be a Steelers fan... but even more so because the relentless teasing Garrett did had to have been annoying!
Garrett was in awe even as we approached the stadium,  wanting me to snap pictures of everything. Here are some from a great day!!  (Ps: the Steelers won) ;)

Oh, and look out if you ever sit next to Garrett at a Steelers game.. he is wicked with his terrible towel!!! 

our seats were high, but still good and the crowd around us was very kid friendly
inside the stadium is tons of memorabilia

1978 Super Bowl Champs.. good year ;)
the exact spot where The Immaculate Reception was caught in 1972


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