Friday, January 18, 2013

New Years Mantle


I've been wanting to share my New Years mantle.. how is it that it is half way through January already?

We've been busy with projects already.. here you can see a little of the paint project.. I think it is a never ending project spilling over to multiple rooms in the house!

After putting away Christmas.. I have stayed away from decorating.  Like I said we are focusing on the house and the projects we've been talking about since we moved in.  So, I picked two areas to add a little winter flare.  What is life with out a good lookin:
1. the front porch {here}
2. the mantle (well, my version)

I went really simple.. silver and blues.


Since it was too warm here, I used my aqua scarf for color and texture.


I love the sparkle

I made these with things I had.. didn't even have to paint the sicks :)

This vase became victim to silver paint.. it's pearly and pretty.

A dear friend in NV made me this wreath! Isn't it fabulous?  thanks Kristyn!
I move these vases around all the time! {Here} is how i made them a while back.

I still miss having a real mantel... but this is working.
OH, and how do you like the paint??

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