Tuesday, January 31, 2012

winter mantel with some returning items

i keep forgetting to share this.. my winter mantel. i actually completed it before i even had christmas taken down and put away. i figured that would take a few days, and it did. so i went with what i knew i wanted to do on the mantel so i could enjoy. and i have! i love the blue!

my favorite.. my snow man. the pumpkins that won't go away :) they were sparkly green for fall, became a tree for christmas... and now a snowman. i just spray painted them white (walmart has a really cheap white spray (like 1.97) .. i don't recommend it for anything but something you just want to spray like crazy over.. but it worked well for this. i sprinkled some Epsom Salt on it to get the textured look. love it!

and here is the tumble weed that won't go away! it's kind of fun using some of the same things and tweaking them :) i think Garrett taught me that. Here i spray painted it white, then a little spray adheasive and sprinkled the epsom salt again. the wine bottle was a fun addition too... sprayed it and added some glitter called "bling" .. how fun!

before it had some beaded ornaments on it in the summer.. some halloween items in oct. then at thanksgiving it was our thankful tree.

Addie and Garrett helped me make these plastic bottle snowmen. G's is the tall one on the right, and Addie designed the one on the left.. complete with a flower button on the hat :) We tried to use Micah's fingerprints for his.. but it didn't work well... why do i keep trying?? i put a battery powered candle in them.. and they look really cute flickering.

The kids also made these snow flakes. it was a fun, messy afternoon. shaving cream mixed with glue (equally) then spread it on the snowflakes. sprinkle with glue and let it dry. they dry puffy and soft... very neat.
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