Friday, January 27, 2012

"hiVernation" vs. sleep training... who wins?

Addie has been talking about "hiVernation" all week because that was their big word on monday at school. she just can't believe bears will go to sleep and not wake up till spring! she told me yesterday, "Mama, i think i am going to be a bear so i can hivernate." me too addie, me too.

we've been reading "The Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson.. and it will make an appearance at school tomorrow as her show and tell item. hopefully she'll get bonus points for it actually having to do with what they are talking about ... addie tends to sneak things for show and tell. like her chap stick. yep, she shared (showed) her Burts Bees with the class. LOL... any. way. it is a really cute book, if you haven't read it.

so while Addie is hivernating... Micah is refusing to enjoy the wonderfulness of sleep. He's now 10 months and i remember when reading "Healthy sleep habits, happy baby" a long time ago with G that babies go through a sleep change around 9 months. that makes sense. that's about when it started. also from that book... "sleep begets sleep" ... i have remembered that one so i KNOW that his 1 hour of napping today.. was not enough.

it's not that he is up all night. infact, he sleeps well, all night, mostly. but our real problem is in going to sleep. as long as he falls asleep drinking his bottle, we're good. scratch that. that mostly works at night. but in the day even when he does fall asleep, he sometimes will pop his head up laughing! he LAUGHS at me! he's lucky he's so darn cute:)

i was feeling really discouraged by the sleep issue earlier this week. i mean, he's my 3rd. shouldn't i get this by now? but just as with behaviors and personalities.. every kid is different. and my responses have all been different too. Garrett.. was not a good sleeper at All ... i was going in sane. the books gave me the recipe to put my kid to sleep, without crying no less. and i couldn't do it. failure. oh my! ( i now know that i was not a failure and like to think i've come a long way!) Addison.. good sleeper from the start. she found her thumb early and that's all it too. didn't have to do any training with her. incidentally she's the only one to finder her thumb to self soothe. G attached to his "Bubby" around 10 months and that helped. so yes, i've been shoving Micah's "bubby" on him. So that brings me to Micah mooey.... why doesn't he wear himself out enough pulling that chunky little body up!

what am I doing different this time? well.. i know i held him way more in the wrap and let him sleep there while we were out and about. i have not been good about schedules and routines. i go to the school sometimes 3 times a day and sometimes .. ahhhh micah is sleeping. (though i'm very lucky to have flexibility of when i pick up G!) also there's those long trips to reno to shop anywhere besides walmart. so he has slept a lot in the car.

i think Micah and I are both craving schedules and routine.

so here we go. day 2 of naps at 9 and 1. we'll see how it goes.

oh.... and as far as Hivernation.... today it was rainy and cold. micah went down for his 2nd nap :) addie said she was tired and wanted to lay down with me. .... yep.. we hivernated. ......

until sleep training woke me up a half hour later!

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