Wednesday, January 18, 2012


i realized that i have written about the big kids. perhaps it's easier to share the things they do, say, and create. Mr. Micah's day is minute to minute ... but that's exactly it! he's changing so quickly so.. why haven't i shared what micah Does?! i mean he is on his way up in this world! doing new things all the time! he rolled over, pretty early as i remember... and with 3rd child syndrome (yes i'm admitting it) i haven't been very good at marking his calendar with his milestones :( however... i've done ok with capturing the moments (just b/c they are Still on my camera card doesn't say anything about me!.. haha). and then there's facebook... little blurbs of what goes on. so i need to go back through posts to update his calendar again. ... "when i have time" haha.

back to micah. hes crawling everywhere. he's fast! seriously fast. and he uses that skill to hang around with his favorite people.. his big brother and sister. micah so loves to be with them and just laughs at them. at some point they began calling him "micah mooey" and it stuck. "mo" "mooey". yep, we all call him that! they both adore him, however, G is much more accepting of "mooey" getting into his stuff. Addie prefers to try to put him IN to her stuff (ie. shopping cart, her doll stroller...)

Micah makes some pretty great faces! this is one when he is scared or startled. priceless right?
he also has a good "concerned" look, whenever i start vacuuming. his latest is a "scrunchy eye" one.. that shows off his tooth protruding gums! he has two bottom teeth & one top just popped yesterday... wish many to follow it looks like.

His greatest face is his smile :) which he usually displays to everyone!

happy boy most of the time!

but don't kid yourself. there are moments.

and most of these moments revolve around not sleeping. we've had lots of these moments lately. but this is a "look how cute micah is" post ;)

stay tuned.

He Loves cars and trucks. Prefers them way more than a ball or a silly baby toy! It is so cute to watch him push cars, the phone, the remote.. all around the living room. or to watch him chase this remote controlled car when G is driving it!

see those steps in the background? yep, he's made it up to the second one! The big kids clap for him & can't understand why i say "NO!!"

Micah Thomas... 10 months old now. it's going way to fast. I really am enjoying him to the fullest. During those "moments" i try to remind myself how fast it is going. (try). He's a rough and tumble little dude, i guess he has to be.

ok ok.. and then there's the fact that i Finally have my brown hair (but getting lighter!) and brown eyed kid!! everyone tells me he looks just like me, and i see it too. when i look at pictures (on my camera of course).. i see some that resemble ones of me when i was little. sorry little dude! haha. actually, i figure if he's so cute and i'm told he looks like me... I'll take it!! however quite often it is followed with a "look at those cheeks!" comment! ... i guess it's better than "chunky thighs!"

what else does micah do? .... that's easy. he makes me happy.

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