Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a fun day with Addie & rainbow rice

yesterday morning i was skimming through facebook and saw a post from a blog i read, myblessedlife & i thought "that is perfect for today"! it was to make rainbow rice and use it in a big bin to play gardening. cute for spring.. but this is winter in NV so we aren't talking about growing much right now! so i thought of how much fun she had playing with her new pots & pans.. perfect!

so first we put some rice in a bowl and addie put a few scoops into 5 different plastic baggies. we made the 4 food coloring colors & of course purple! we did not do exact measurements. about 1/2 a cup. then into the baggies we put food coloring. about 2 tsp. and then rubbing alcohol, again about 2tsp. (except the green.. it got about a table spoon!)

then she mixed it up in the baggies ...

...and spread it out on cookie sheets to dry. we put it on the table in the sun & they dried really fast.

in the mean time she practiced her letters.
she does a great job! but oh the frustrations (and mess) of a lefty trying to use a dry erase book!

after they dried she scooped them into her pots and pans, using a funnel. we had fun playing bakery.. filing up cupcake holders and dishes. she made a cute display for her cupcakes and we all had one last night :) these are "special cupcakes that you eat with a spoon" she said. :)

Finally she asked if we could make real cupcakes..
and how could i say no?

what a fun day we had together! she seems like she is staying with a task for longer now and she's really enjoying creating things. she's a funny girl.. with her own ideas.. and her own style for sure.

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