Tuesday, January 24, 2012

missing tomato paste

tonight i made spaghetti. pretty much a staple around here. i realized though that i didn't have any sauce except one 15 oz jar of plain tomato sauce. for whatever reason, i did not feel like putting olive oil on it so i figured i could just spice up the sauce a bit. the kids would eat butter anyway, as they are on a red sauce strike. so i sauteed an onion, added garlic and basil, but it was still way too thin. tomato paste! and wouldn't you know it... i was out. i guess it became a little challenge for me.... i kind of felt like when i was young and my sister, my friend Jamie, and i would raid the pantry and make some wild concoction. .. except this i wanted to eat. and i wanted it to taste like tomato sauce :)

boom! i saw it... canned pumpkin. same consistency. a little sweet. ohhh.. i was excited.

i used half of a 15 oz can of pumpkin. it thickened it up perfectly! it was yummy too!! i may be out of tomato paste more often.

i didn't tell matt.. and he commented on the "new sauce". surprise!! pumpkin! then addie tried it and she said "i like this now that i'm older." ok whatever that means... ;)

i was kind of proud because cooking is so not my thing. but i like when something works out like this. just thought i would share in case you are ever in need of a tomato paste substitute.


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  1. Oooohhh, I'm impressed! I *never* would have come up with such a creative solution, but it sounds amazing!